Black Poetry : In The Final Days

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    People will unfold
    hearts will become cold
    there will be ears dull in hearing
    sadness in the stars & moon
    many will suffer in silence
    amidst the rage in violence
    people running to & fro
    tempers on fire as everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes
    blind leaders of the blind
    soon will fall into a great ditch
    it is written in the scriptures and humbly explained
    that without God in there lives its a game of lying shame
    blood thirsty creatures dripping it off side
    eyes with spots having holes
    no love any more just lust
    no in God we trust
    just seeketh self to please
    out spreading the hateful disease
    minds plugged with that of destruction
    no one helps you anymore
    they can't even help themselves
    blackened hearts with a faded stench of death

    men having itching ears but not able to understand
    there cost of freedom is that of sticking it to the man
    when will we ever live to understand
    the onslaught of abortion on demand
    war zones we call school & the mob rules
    violence heated decadence permeates from deep within
    Satan laughing spreads his wings
    the wicked never sleep cause they are creatures of habit
    demonic fangs that bite in the night for fright
    the book of Revelation foretells of his coming
    when men will be lovers of pleasure rather lovers of God
    evil in their eyes does this come at any big surprise
    taking heed to wicked lies
    angry politicians feeding their pockets
    darkened shadows block the vortex of their crazed intellectualized wasted minds
    tyrants of zombie creatures in their late night double features
    raising hell with not a good story to tell
    they are missing the mark as they faint in belief
    shadows block the vortex of their fragile egg shelled minds walking blind
    living in a world so very mean where people scream
    when will it ever end
    won't you help me my faithful friend