Black Poetry : In The Begining

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    In the beginning
    I was the one who was captured in the dreaming
    I was the one sitting by the phone
    I was the one in my room all alone
    I was the one emmursed in my thoughts
    Raptured silently reading into books
    Of Nueva York
    And the soldiers
    That kept marching on
    And the women down fa their men
    And the hope
    Trying to find love again
    I was the one in the beginning
    Looking outside my window like it was yesterday
    Listening to those below me in the streets
    Bustin caps and cursing
    In the beginning I was the creativity
    I was the learner
    I was the intimacy in my own heart
    And there it is
    It's all in me
    I'm the hopeless romantic
    I am the diamond in the rough
    I am the freedom let it ring
    I am a foundation in myself
    I need soldier
    Not just the constipation of actions and running of the mouth
    Someone who's down for me
    I've got to be down for me
    Ready to explore new worlds
    Different categories
    Ready to find my worth
    And richly
    in prosperous
    I wear fine linens and silk
    I've got to go back to the beginning
    Where I was the dictator of my thoughts
    Who I am
    Who I chose
    Who I was
    I've got to get back to reality
    which is surrounding me
    From point A to point B
    I've got to make it
    I've got to make it for me
    In the beginning
    There was me