Black Poetry : In Search of a Queen - Repost


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My world has stopped since you have entered my domain
My every desire is to you and you alone.
Even as I write a poem or compose a song
You are the object of my desire.
On the Sea of Love a new vessel is christened,
It is the ship of my heart as it set sails to come to you.
Even the tumultuous winds of a storm cannot deter the Bishop from his path.
For the sound of voice is as a siren’s call, leading me to where you dwell,
The stars in the skies lights the course that I must take.
For to find you, is my goal, to hold you my dream,
To kiss you my desire, to love you my fantasy.
I can picture us on the under the moonlight,
As its beams bath us in awesome splendor.
I can see us hand in hand, as I stare into your eyes
And see the heavens open, to show me a new world
Where you and I dwell, where you and I are destined to be.
Yes fantasy shall be reality for the Bishop will not stop
Until he finds thee.
Until he kisses you by the fire, as we lay on the black panther rug,
Rose petals our mattress, Champagne in hand.
Feel me as I caress you, yes you know the way you like,
Feel me as I engulf you in the fiercest passion all through the night.
Only for us will the heavens allow a rainbow to shine in the night sky
Symbolizing my covenant to find you.
Even as the melody of your song draws me nearer to you
My heart races in anticipation, for what soon shall be.
For now my mind in oblivious to the world around me
For my focus in on finding a certain Queen
Who rules in the night, who dispels the darkness
Turning everything to light.
You are the reason why I pen this prose
Blow you a kiss and offer you a rose.
Keep singing your song for with it I shall find thee
And soon in the Bishop’s arms is where you will be.


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