Black Poetry : In school

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    In school

    Hood made need a good grade seem like a funny joke
    But only a dummy hope he or she fail, nothing is dope
    About that write all sorts of clever quotes on a short letter
    With notes, wanted quick fame so I got a nickname better
    To get attention, so I see a girl with a sweet butt got a unique
    Strutt deep cut in the tile she stumbles I must be a humble freak
    and catch her “you awight boo?” done a good deed she would
    Need to talk wearing heavy lipstick she’s equip for quick should
    Be on a date sex I bet her cake is wet, “thanks to you I’m awight I could’ve
    Fell my hips on the floor” wanted to kiss her lips galore her coochee
    Has to be bold and wet I’m here in a cold sweat she hug my neck loosely
    Rubbed hips wanna make her love ship go ashore and dock in my bed
    Kiss her hot red lips, “ was my pleasure boo your treasure you my head
    Going round and round your skin so brown” she dodged my ****
    Like it was a large block no way I could camousflage my plot
    This make me brave and like a great seawave I grabbed her strong
    Need to find a hiding place so I can be sliding in lace while alone
    With her dang my **** was about to make a jailbreak bust out
    My black zipper and play a jack the ripper act started to lust no doubt
    My love for her all reveal flavor like a small meal this is what I call real
    “RHYME you holding me too tight boo you awight?” “you got sex appeal
    Girl I can feel your world” “say what can I go now?" "OK I’m sorry"
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    str8 awesome bruh this school thing was tyte....