Black People : In Religion There Is Death and Destruction, In Divinity There Is The Construct

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    In Religion There Is Death and Destruction, In Divinity There Is The Construct Of Life Spirituality

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, need I say to you that my Love and respect for Afrika and the Black World is without remission, nor does it come with irrational condition, meaning I am compelled to tell the Divine Truth to those that I Love and it is the Love for the Black Nation and Afrika that will not permit me to join the Band of religious zealots that feed our people religious doctrine that is liken to that of a Virus equal to Cancer and a disease of Mental ignorance and depression.

    Need I tell you beloved, I stand upon MT. Kilimanjaro, screaming with the sound of a bolt of lightening that come bolting out of the fierce action of our Sun star, telling you that the disease that now hold the Black Life hostage, serving as the killer virus that it is, such a disease happen to be the Human Being Religion and it make no difference whether you are Black, Caucasian, Arab and Hebrew Jewish, the Empirical fact remain, religion is of the devilish Mind of a people that have no knowledge of what God is, nor the meaning and purpose of the Universe and most certainly is ignorant of the Sacredness of Life Self.

    I come not seeking to win nor to lose, the Black Life is to precious than to treat it to a game of hide and seek, belief and Faith, and Hope with wishful wanting, based upon the profane Lies and act of deception that Religion serve to be the Master of, the Mind that Believe and not Think, and in religion, the Mind is forbidden to Think.

    Afrika and the Black Afrikan World serve to be no better evidence that religion is the evil arrow that pierce the Divine Heel of the Black World, religion is the David and his sling shot that slay the Black Giant of our World and any so call Black Afrikan that is so bold to continue to peddle the Virus that has proved to be the deadly poison that have been fed to the Black World and sill is being given the deadly dose of religion to the Black World, they among the Black World that willingly serve as the servant of religious death to the Black World , is liken to a deadly infected run away Meteor, seeking whom ever it may devour with its killer virus, Religion.

    How in Divine Conscious will a Black Being calling ourselves Afrikan, attempt to establish a defense for religion with a reputation of Killing, Maiming, Mutilating, Abusing, Enslaving, Confusing, Lying, Deceiving, Depressing persecuting, oppressing and Killing Black People in the name of Religion, the weapon used to now have the Black World bowed on our Knees in submission to the creators of that devilish institution referred to as Religion ?

    As the Honorable Marcus Garvey say, it is the Traitor of the Race that speak ill of that which is Divinely True and act in offense against the Black Life, lying in the name of false Gods, the traitors being the bearers of the poison fruit, religion, an institution whose foundation is Rituals of chanting selfish distortion, self mutilation and false self elevation, in order to represent that which is implanted in the weak Mind of Black people, serving to be the root of all religious evil, having no Divine connection to that which is Divinely Real and True, whose base is religion attributes, they being, belief, Faith and hope, the scare tactics of religion, claiming without such, Hell and damnation is your destination, all for the purpose to control your Life Mind, in the institution of religion, the Mental prison of the Black World.

    There is no where that can be shown and proved, that indicate that Religion is the creation of our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black first Way Ancestors, those people we no longer remember nor do we carry their Divine Mind, that which possess the seed of the Divine Truth, concerning God, Universe, and Self.

    In Religion there is no Divinity and in religion there is only the Spirit ( action ) of the Devilish human Beings, those that created the institution of religion for purpose to conquer the Black World and rob us of our Divine Mind, a Mind that operate on the level of profound Reasoning, being Rational at all Time and is Logical in our Thinking, such Divine attributes do not reside in a religious Mind, the Mind of the Devilish Human Being, whose Spirit served to bring about the destruction of the Black World, a world that to this day, do not Know thyself, therefore is incapable of knowing What God Is, and is of a Mind that have no clue of the Meaning of the Universe.

    Our Ancient First way Divine Black Ancestors came to this planet with such Divine information that qualified them to construct the greatest Civilization this world have ever witness, meaning that they Lived not a religious Life but a Divine Spiritual Life, a life that is in Living Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Universe Elemental forces, they being the Stars, Planets, the Wind, Water, Atoms and the Fire therein all things, all in motion not to control nor offend, nor to confuse and not to deceive, but to be in motion in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Eternal Infinite Essence, whose Shadow is the Perfect Night, out of which flow a Spirituality that is of the attitude and behavioral action of all that flow out from the Divine Eternal Infinite Essence is in Harmony, Order, And Balance, whose evidence is the Perfect Night, the Divine Essence of all that Is and Ever will Be, And Be Not, such is the Divine Spirituality of that we refer to as GOD, The Essence Where Religion is not present.

    Religion destroy, Kill and Conquer, for mere selfish Want, which is power to control.

    Divine Spirituality provide Life for purpose to Live in Harmony, Order, and Balance, an action that provide to Life, Sovereignty, Peace, and Joy.

    I invite you to behold the present condition of the Black World and tell me which fit the Life condition of the Black World today as I speak in writing to you right now, and tell me! no tell me!, is it not Religion that now control the Black World and is it not the Black world now on our knees in the institution of religion prison, shackle in Belief, Faith, and Hope, and all sorts of Mundane Rituals in the name of false Gods, Gods that are not qualified to save a dying Black Nation, they being Gods of Religion that be to subdue,confuse and conquer the Mind of the Black World, we who now operate in the Spirit of Religion, an institution with a reputation of performing Evil Spiritual acts against the Black World to the extent we now do not know God, and is now Living in a Hellish State of Life and it is all within the institution of Religion, and you have the evil Mind of religion to question the Divine Truth I share with the Black World, which is capable of raising a dying Black World from our Knees of Death and self destruction, as we clang to the Trumped up falsified Religion so created by the so call Human Beings, they that claim to be the Superior Being in this world ? and is the Children of Lucifer being portrayed as the children of their religious God?

    Woe is unto the Black World, they that are members thereof and know not the Divine Information Left by our Divine First Way Ancestors, yelling at the top of your voice in defense of the Devil Religion, such being the Human Being of this world, traitors to the black World, you the self confessed Liar and Deceiver that you are, the religious bearers of the Profaness of Life, a life the Black world must come to realize that it be our responsibility to Save our Black Life from the Evil of all religion, that is if the Black World desire to reclaim our Divine Mind and Fight for the Liberation of Afrika and our Black Life, otherwise, stuck in the Human Being religion, the Black World continue up the now path we follow, a prison in the Human Being Religion.

    The Divine Truth, The Human Being Despise The Divine Truth, All In Favor Of A Profane Religion, Weighted In Lies And Deception.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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