Chief Elder Osiris : In Pursuit Of What?

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    In Pursuit Of What?

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    In pursuit of what, such is why Divinity is not profanity, Divine is definite and is full of courage and is definite in its motion, traveling a path that lead to independence, Peace, and Joy, never wavering, but is always sure of the intention to be submissive to the life giving source that give the Energy to cause such Divinity to be in motion and such a Divine Deity, allow all that make their way Divinely, using the Spherical Path assigned to each Universal entity and do so in Harmony, Order, and Balance, to enjoy Life Living Motion.

    So in order to be able to enjoy such a Divine state of Mind, which is actively Independent, Peaceful, and Joyful, traveling along a path that lead to such Divine Mental Utopian, which all Divine Beings must be aware of and do follow.

    Therefore, in order to reach the level of your Mental Divinity, you first must know what you have to do in order to be assured of reaching such a Divine goal.

    So beloved, those that seem to believe that action come before talk and not know that Divine talk lead to Enlightenment and Enlightenment lead to an acknowledgment of a life condition that is not being lived independently in an environment that is peaceful and joyful, then such knowledge will give cause to those that desire to live such a Divine Life, to move to do the things necessary to change a Life condition that is absent of its Divine potential, and will not be satisfied until such a Divine Lifestyle is enjoyed by Life Living, serving as the affirmation of operating in the capacity of a Divine Mind.

    Black folks are quick to become critical of things or procedure that we know nothing about, always ready to be led by our irrational emotion, believing it to represent a state of serious determination, involving ourselves in anything, regardless of the path being followed, and is leading any and every which a way, except the Divine way, in pursuit for what is wanted and not for what is needed, in order to change a disease and wretched Life, a Life Black People now Live.

    So the question to Black people, what is it that you are in pursuit of, running any and every which a Way, making unreasonable, irrational, and illogical tracks and getting no where closer, that will serve as a sign that what you are in motion for, will serve to indicate being back in possession of a Divine Mind, the Mind that will give cause to a Life Living condition that is to be revolving in Harmony, Order, and Balance, always acknowledging the Eternal Infinite Essence, that which provide Motion to all things that represent to be alive.

    We live in a Black World so full of pomp and show, under the control of a most evil and perverted world, taking our instruction from Human Beings whose Life action is full of profane intention, expressed in a lying and deceiving attitude and behavior, a Mental action that is of the Human Being Mentality, toward the Black World First, and all else secondarily.

    The Black Human Being has been so mental conditioned to ignore the Divine Truth, until we have grown accustom to our Life state of condition, so in our action of pursuit, led by our Newly acquired Human Being Mind, we have taken on the attitude and behavior of a wandering Meteor, aimless wandering but in pursuit of nothing, serving to be a danger to those object that are Divinely Moving in each of their Spherical Path, moving Divinely to a Common Goal, with the destination being a Divine Energy source that give to Life, ITS Energy.

    Life living which is moving along a path and in a relationship that is Divinely expressed, meaning with an attitude and behavior that is in harmony, order, and is well Balance, each remaining independent to the other, while all being connected to each other, Divinely so, such should be what we are in pursuit of.

    There is Meaningful Talk and there is Meaningless Talk, in a state of oppressed captivity, there is need for Meaningful Talk, yet in the same condition, there is Meaningless Talk as well, so Talk in and of its action is not harmful but is necessary when in a state of Life desperation, so Talk is needed, but it is the Quality of Talk that deserve our attention, Talk that serve to be instructively enlightening, capable of informing, exciting, and inciting for the purpose to gaining a life in captivity, its Freedom.

    The Fool speak with out first Thinking, which give cause to believe any and everything the foolish Human Being look at, and the foolish Human being believe what is told about that which is being looked at, from such a profane perspective.

    The Divine Being, is precise when speaking and is in constant Thought before and during the Time of speaking and speaking only that which is reasonably and Logically Divinely True, so in such a discipline state of Mind, such a mind is constantly in pursuit of the Greater Good for a people who have had their Divine Mind raped by the Human being, a mind that must be crucified in order for the potential Black Divine Beings, can become in hot pursuit of a life way of living that will put it in an environment that will be independent from that of the Human Being, living a Life in Harmony, Order, and Balance.

    So, if such a life goal the Black World is not in hot pursuit of, then what the Black Life is in pursuit of, other than the profane goal the Human Being Mind now have the Black Human Beings chasing in hot pursuit under false pretense, claiming to be such a Human Being goal.

    What Black People today are in pursuit of, happen to be in search for a better, advanced and assimilated Life with the Human Beings, nothing to do with Freedom and it is no wonder the Black Human Beings, have for over Two Thousand Years been stuck in the cesspool of ignorance, always ignoring the need to reclaim our Divine Mind, so that we will become in pursuit of our Divine way of Living, which is independently and Separate from the Human Being way of living, such is the Divine status of the Divine Being way of living, a way that give respect to the Black Life and always in a stance to protect the Black Divine Life.

    To be in pursuit of anything less than our Divine Mind, will only verify how ignorantly foolish we Black Human Beings have become and seem to be loving it, some of us that is, and not all of us, who is not.

    The Divine Truth, The Black Human Beings Despise The Divine Truth and Lo and Behold The Present Condition Of The Black World.

    Here Is Loving You


    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    Hopteph Chief Elder!

    I may be in the wrong thread, but I have a question.
    I've been thinking about what you said concerning the stars,
    and why we should function as the stars.

    Chief Elder, the star system is of such large capacity, What
    part of this system should be our main focal point? Or should
    we be focusing on the whole galaxy? I know you once told us
    about the Stars Sirius "A," "B", and "C". But if this is or focal point,
    then this is only a fraction of the galaxy.

    I know thus far our focus should be on transition, orbit, and
    structure. But what else should we be considering when studying
    the patterns of the stars? What other questions should I be asking
    myself? What other ways can we relate the Star System to our
    own lives?

    Looking forward to your response!

    Thank You in advance!