Black Spirituality Religion : In Nivrutti any quality is always – good in the direction of God

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    In Nivrutti any quality is always – good in the direction of God

    In Pravrutti (social service) a quality is bad or good – based on the context used,
    Anger to foolish child is good and - anger to a good fellow is bad.
    But in Nivrutti (loving service to Lord in human form) any quality is always – good in the direction of God.
    If you are angry with God always – for not showing kindness to you,
    God is not hurt at all, in fact – He thanks you for scolding Him for which
    He is anxious, bored with constant praise, - salvation is from direction.
    Neither qualities nor their composition – is to be changed in Nivrutti.
    You are rotating in a specific ratio – of qualities from millions of births.

    It is impossible to change the ratio – by your efforts in this single birth.
    You are dreaming to destroy qualities, - if qualities are destroyed,
    You will become inert stone – as in the case of deep sleep every day.
    The effort to change ratio is – waste and also highly impossible.
    Let the ratio remain as such, - no objection to God for any ratio.
    Every ratio has its own channel – in His divine service, you have to put
    All your effort only to change – the direction of application of the ratio.
    The hunter killing rabbit sacrificed – the flesh to Lord Shiva only.
    He neither ate nor gave to his family, - nor sold it for enjoying luxuries.
    Salvation from qualities or from – the ratio of qualities is not correct,
    It is only beating around the bush, - unable to change the direction,
    People are trying to name – something that is convenient to them.
    Without changing direction from world – changing ratio or killing
    Qualities is much easier comparatively – from the point of liking.
    Change of ratio or killing qualities – is also impossible for anybody.
    But people like to change ratio – or kill qualities but do not like
    To change the direction, - competition only between God and world.
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    I don't think any quality is good in the direction of the Father, for He is our Father and only deserves what best effort we can give unto out King.

    When the Father gives to us and blesses the works of our hands, He doesn't just give anything, but only that which is worthy of His faithful. Even when we are chastised, it is more in love than toward someone who couldn't care less to be faithful unto the Father and the Son.

    He didn't just give us anything when he sent His Son as a sacrifice for our sins unto our salvation, but gave us His Only Begotten and Beloved Son.

    He didn't just show us anything, but wonderful miracles and blessings of redemption, such as the Son's resurrection from the dead.

    In this He has given us salvation and eternal life, by our faith and belief and trust, so we should not just give anything, but should give the very best of our everything! :)