Black Poetry : In my reflections

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    I feel so lonely
    Didn't want you to leave me alone
    In my heart we could find eachother and live deeply in love
    If the storms of life and trials and errors would back up
    I know you know
    I hold these feelings so true
    See what you have put me through
    No where to go
    Time to face this pain
    Never thought you'd leave me lonely
    Never knew you would ever vanish
    And leave me
    I wish you could hold me
    And never leave my warm embrace
    Am I foolish for showing you my admiration
    I am not ashamed
    Free me
    If you could
    I know that I want to freely
    To have joy
    I hope it's allowed
    To express my feelings
    Out loud
    In the dark
    In the memory of your essence
    There is much to think about