Black Poetry : In My Mind

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    i've built up this relationship in my head that is slowly starting to crumble.
    wait no **** that, this **** i feel aint make believe
    you kiss me
    & call'd me ur boo
    hug'd me & held me
    all along sayin i'd never leave you
    so we spent a few weeks apart
    but the whole the only thing i could think of was you
    o i cant wait to get back and kiss u, & to have u hold me
    but u left me waitin
    & waitin
    & waitin
    so finally i call u
    u sound'd happy to see me
    but when i look'd into your eyes
    i knew the girl in your life was no longer me
    you didnt hold me or touch me the way you use to
    so i figured hey,he dont want me i'll move on
    but i cant
    i try harder but i cant
    it's something holdin me near...
    it's you give'n me false kiss's by the door
    callin me your boo
    make'n me beleive wat we had was true
    keepin me just for backup - or watever
    maybe it was just simply your amusement
    that you could have somebody so dumb fonded
    head over the hills crazy in love with you
    wow it's a year later & i'm still writting stupid love poems for you
    over this relationship, i thought we could'a had
    which apparently you pretend to never remember
    i dont know maybe i'm just readin to much into it
    here we are a year later and i'm just wonder which way things are gonna go this time
    i keep sayin i'm over you
    & when i actually convince myself that i am here you come with your false kisses
    callin me your boo
    it's just a matter of me havin the will power to reject you
    everytime you kiss me
    or even do something as simple as hold my hand
    this is all the this i'm think'n in the back of my head
    is it real this time
    i'm not fallin for it
    does he want me
    do i want him
    ew! why is he touchin me
    it feels soo good
    but i dont want this
    i dont even like him anymore
    but it feels soo good
    i hate u but i love u - as a friend
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    Having your feelings played with is no joke. Getting over someone is more than a notion, takes time for feelings to change. Potent piece.
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    He appear to be flirting with "Murphy's Law" ...It won't be a very pretty site when the boomerang come at him...
    Believe this, it will come.
    keep ya head up poet...great write.