Black Short Stories : In My Cup

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    More loves disappeared as i held it up to my lips opened guzzling love down like gas in an armored tank rolling on tracts tracking racked up cracking over everything envisioned everything's things hinged bolted into the holes of threes screwed into my door of struggling feeling like the phantom in this dream ain't worried making curry sauce fore my dinners with yogurt milk silky smooth plus the wild rice soaked in onions dotted with scallions topped off with pieces of bacon. I'm feeling hungry with no-thing in my hands and happier when life dances with glory shaking the enemies off styling petition across the walls of depression you will find my name signed over and over again when i ain't got no love in my cup.

    The hills impress my soul tiresome walking each step remembering the fight boxing back to back round after round on my toes shedding curses off of me putting ghost at my six watching shadow double my repetition of art beside me clocking under invisibility match fore match strikes abyss up in front of eyes burning passion simmers out settle down within me iron steel bars unlocked i'm out since eye knew the higher self of me swinging sines rewinding my records tapped into by the original hater facing time thinking prisons are physically country homes fore the poor who wishes are to be self-employed cutting oppressors and prejudice by the colors off on be colorism plus racism plus divide and conquer yield bell curves but if you put more love in my cup i guzzle down the epitomes empathy always hold me up asking where is the love in my cup.