Black Poetry : In Memory of Momma


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Jun 11, 2003
Baltimore, MD
Praising The Lord
In Memory of my Momma Lois

I lay upon your breast eyes close, as the tears
wet the gown and flow to your robe
you place your arms around me, and i felt the touch
feeling the last hug of your
Motherly love.

You now walk on the ancestor road, a star that now shine on us in the night
and i can hear your whispers so light, "everything gonna be alright"

When I think of you Momma my life flash before my eyes
No matter how many walk through your kitchen
there was always plenty in the pot, no one left hungry
or felt alone,
Compassion the word can best be define by you
you share
you care
you love
all God creatures with tenderness

In the garden I see the vegetable, everywhere
flowers surround our home from the inside out

Remembering how:
you never said no, but always said "see what i can do"
For the joy of having you as my Momma
Is a blessing that have been
Bestowed upon thee,
so blessed I feel

When I think of you Momma my life flash before my eyes
I will carry your teaching, and add to your lesson
To live life to the fullest, with compassion and love
And leave no one hungry, in the belly or the mind
Even now you are teaching me how to survive
Oh Dear Heavenly Father above, thank you
For my Momma , thank you for her love
Thank you for giving me that last Motherly hug

You are now with Our heavenly Father Dear Momma,
now you can rest, and we your daughters,
your family, your friends,
will continue to walk the path,the baton has been pass...
Love to you Momma...
no longer am I sad,
but can now celebrate your home coming
in the comfort of our Dear Father
Blue!!!!! I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Always treasure those last moments with her, as you will reminence and cherish all the years spent. Yea, that momma always knew how to keep both the belly and the mind well fed, didn't she? And in her way, she'll continue to do so. I lost my mom many years ago, I know of the pain. You and yours are in my prayers, as well as in my thoughts.


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