Black Spirituality Religion : In Ma'at Every Day Is Judgment Day!

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    I. Doctrine of salvation by proxy...

    A. Not -- Ma'at

    1. No middle personage needed

    2. GOD IS within

    B. Yes -- Christianity, Islam, Judaism

    1, There is a middle man

    2. Jesus in Christianity

    3. Messiah in Judaism (e.g. appearance pending, TBA)

    4. Mohammad in Islam

    II. Spiritual Submersion of Self...

    A. Yes -- Ma'at

    1. Individual developmental levels/layers of self

    2. The Laws
    a. Law of Geb
    b. Law of Auset
    c. Law of Sebek
    d. Law of Het-Heru
    e. Law of Heru
    f. Law of Herukhuti
    g. Law of Ma'at
    h. Law of Tehuti
    i. Law of Ausar
    j. Law of Amen

    B. Not -- Christianity, Islam, Judaism

    1. Spiritual Guidance must pass through

    a. Christian-Pastor, Reverend, Priest
    b. Islam-Leaders vary according to sects
    c. Judaism-Rabbi

    III. Spiritual Self-Empowerment...

    A. Yes -- Ma'at

    B. Not -- Christianity, Islam, Judaism (e.g. same as II.B.)

    IV. Atonement...

    A. No -- Ma'at

    1. personal accountability

    2. personal responsibility

    B. Yes -- Christianity, Islam, Judaism

    1. Christianity

    a. Denominational, Non-Denominational

    i. baptism
    ii. follow some left over sacraments from RCC

    b. RCC - Sacraments

    Penitent (confession)

    2. Islam - Essentially taught that all are good; Getting into
    paradise after death involves doing more good deeds
    Recently, however, some Muslims have begun teaching
    that committing suicide as a part of attempting to kill
    others in battle is not only permitted, but a certain way
    getting not only oneself to Paradise, but also seventy
    others of one's choice.

    3. Judaism - achieved through some combination

    a. repentance
    b. temple service
    c. confession
    d. restitution
    e. Yom Kippur
    f. tribulations
    g. the carrying out of a sentence of corporal or capital
    punishment imposed by an ordained court (not now in
    h. experience of dying

    When U Live Ma'at Every Single Day is Judgment Day!

    Sources: p 18, "Sacred Woman" by Queen Afua
    Ma'at: The 11 Laws of Ma'at

    Word Glossary

    1. atonement (noun, plural): amends or reparation made for an injury
    or wrong; expiation

    2. empowerment (noun, plural): the act of conferring legality
    or sanction or formal
    warrant; authorization

    3. proxy (noun, plural): A person authorized to act for
    another; an agent or substitute.

    4. salvation (noun):, Preservation or deliverance from
    destruction, difficulty, or evil.

    5. submersion (transitional verb, plural): To place under water;
    To cover with water;

    Know Thyself - Love Thyself - Be Thyself.