Black Poetry : In honor of my love that i so loved you with

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    in honor of my tears yes i still call you my lover yet you lay not so far from my times of pain.
    I wished you would hold me and tell me you love me yet your pride was to much for you to even say you sorry please just do it in honor of tears.

    In honor of my beautiful smile that you never valued just kiss my lips with those bitter words you threw me with very unfaithful vows saying you no longer loved me,
    please my lover i beg of you to kiss me from the heart in honor of my smile .......

    My dear lover in honor of my heart just say the words i long to hear ,
    sing me that song ,
    make my feet dance,
    my the tears in my eyes be the reflection of the stars,
    make me want to stop breathing with just the kiss,
    sing me that song u once sang for me,
    that song my dear love will be in honor of my heart
    just say those word I love you ,
    but just before it all falls into place just walk
    walk like a soldier in honor of him country,
    walk with that good - bye yet don't call me your lover
    you really want to know why..........coz
    i know you never really loved me nor could you love me the way i needed to be love
    walk and never look back just listen to my voice as it bid you farewell
    i bid you farewell with words that you will never hear sound so sweet

    just walk but ignore that words i said to you ....please do not leave please do not walkout on us
    did you hear that song it played for us my love but please do not turn just let me
    hurt let my heart bleed
    do all of this in honor of my heart please do not stay
    i just said those words so you would walk
    i really do not want you to stop

    But before it all i want you hold my hand in honor of the love we once had ......

    I love you still my heart beats in honor of what we once where ........
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    the near north
    the sadness of "never returned" love...and the pain it coz.

    heart wrenching.

    a response might sound something like this (nothing personal):

    Then…I’ll walk
    I walk in honor of what we knew
    The fussing and fighting
    And…yes…love, too

    I’ll walk in honor of your beautiful smile
    Those luscious lips I haven’t kissed for awhile
    …for your heart that’s filled with hatred and sorrow
    And too many other negatives that shouldn’t survive tomorrow

    Your love is abusive
    And Smothering
    Your bleeding heart
    Causes me long-suffering

    Respecting the silence we endured coz we never talked
    I’ll release your hand...and...soldier walk
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    feelin ya here , time will guide ya