Black Poetry : iN hONOR OF MY gRANDMA

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    I remember as a little girl you used to tell me stories of your youth
    You offered to teach me to cook, but I played football instead
    But on the days it rained I would watch you make your special dough from scratch, you never measured, only pinched and poured:

    A full bag of flour, about a 1/2 cup of salt, about 3 cups of water, some shortenin', 3 packs of yeast and a few other indegredients I lost due to the fact I thought you were great and I just wanted to watch you mix it all with your hands.

    From that I brought in your first great-granddaughter and you held her looking into her eyes telling me how beautiful your baby was .... I remember it all, even to the day of that fretful fall ...

    Now at the hospital they told us you would never walk again ... they said you would never remember us again because u had 5 strokes, so they kept you .... and I came everyday

    Then you came home, I did what I could to make sure you had what you needed, even neglecting myself at times to make sure "my grandma" was alright ...

    From there my uncle took you with him and I cried everynight for him to bring you home, until the day he returned you I called as often as I could. I just wanted to hear your voice, though I wasn't who you thought I was I would call anyway, just to hear you say "Baby, I'm still doing good"

    Many days you don't know us, often calling me "Aunt Dane" and your son, my father, "Uncle Brother" people of my past that I never even knew who has lain many days in night in a restful sleep, but yet they are all you know

    .... But today, after many days of sayig I love you and you not knowing who I am, you did it grandma you said it before I could, you loved me just like your dough from scratch .... it could be measured just mixed in with everything, even those things forgotten.

    A few days from 90, you talk of being a long ways from home ... but Grandma I love with all of the pains of not knowing if at anytime you'll be called home.

    Happy Birthday Grandma and I love you with all of my heart

    January 22, 1913, almost 90 and still going strong
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    Dis is very sweet Mocha. I still miss my grandma till dis day. I had watched her die in the hospital on May 28th, of 2002. She was very caring and i adored her so much. Grandma's are like angels, and your grandma is da sweetest angel as she is still staying strong for u and your family. I wish u and her the best and happy birthday to your grandma:)

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    heartfelt piece

    wrote one simular to this years ago

    keep it up