Black People : In her high heels

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    May 10, 2006
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    In her high heels

    When my mother allows it, I walk in her high heels
    No matter that my smaller feet don’t quite reach
    Just knowing that she strutted her stuff in these
    Pumps me up, fills me up, simply - its enough
    Makes me strive to duplicate the hip swagger she possessed
    Though I stumble sometimes, haven’t accomplished her finesse
    And I clip-clop excitedly as I trapeze on hardwood floors
    So everyone sees me coming, Ms. Thang not to be ignored
    Betcha didn’t know that my mommy can run
    In 3-inch stilettos on uneven ground while eating a sticky bun
    And trudge her way to work on foot when the car gives out
    See…that’s the kind of walking that I’m talking about
    Now posture, she told me, is the most important thing
    Never let your back slide while you’re out there prancing
    You have your every day shoe, your business shoe and some that’s made for dancing
    But these…she said, proffering a box, have special enhancements
    These lift you up and accentuate and make a grown man cry
    I took the box, a bit confused, cause then I didn’t know why
    But one day when I put them on and passed innocently by a man
    He put two fingers in his mouth, smiled, and whistled, “****…
    …Sista, you looking good.”
    So when I buy new shoes, I check out the style and also how they feel
    ‘Cause every time my mother allows – I’ll walk in her high heels
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    Jan 12, 2006
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    I have over 100 pair of high hill shoes.
    Guess what shoes I wear daily?
    My payless gym shoes for 15 bucks.
    They are comfortable and better for my feet.
    When I go out, I put on my heels but they come off after I've shown them off !:darts: