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    In Heaven There Was War
    And The Devil Was Cast To Earth

    Before all times the supplications of the spirit,
    God the almighty quick and powerful.
    The devil who continues to try to claim,
    thy Father God thrown,
    before all times they will lay there hands upon you.
    Persecuting you delivering you up before the synagogues,
    and in the prisons, being brought before the devils,
    that sit below the land.

    And rulers who come in the name of God,
    piercing even to the dividing a sunder of soul and spirit.
    The sword of the spirit the Sun,
    of soul shall not go under.
    The fallen angels await my death.
    But unto thee I pledge to you dear God.
    No image of darkness shall transform in a angel of light.

    I herd a loud voice life abandon until death.
    The mountains spoke the blood is covered
    Upon thy door.
    Within the blood of the land thy lord,
    man the hell upon earth,
    the devil rejoice as the serpents multiply,
    the darkness the hell of flesh,
    that sit below the earth.

    I cry , I cry , I cry, strong until the light ,
    shall over power the dark.
    To die in hell is to survive,
    the sins of the human birth.
    In hell has no fury in disguise,
    of a people that returns from the ancient dust.

    Blinders and darkness that blinds the logic of man.
    The serpents multiply, as they flow through the tainted wombs.
    The seeds of satin and the destruction of man, that sings to his tune.
    For there shall be no glory within the circles of hate,
    there shall be no glories within the circles,
    of treason upon thy Gods creations.

    I have cut of thy right hand to spite thy face,
    I have plucked out my eyes ,
    n recognition of a want a be man in disgrace,
    I walk among the living dead,
    I forfeit my stool,
    I have killed my brother through his emotions,
    and left many wounds.
    I the belly of the beast.
    I have cursed my children the forth generation,
    this Is the end.

    I take my beatings upon the earth,
    the darkness of sacred grounds have been cursed.
    There is no peace upon the earth I slaved my brother.
    I took him to a level of no return.
    I the ego of my own disgrace,
    I the lustful demons has disgrace the sanctuary of thy rib
    , I have shamed the temple where I create,
    I the life line of my ribs.
    I no longer see the heart of my ribs,
    I see the flesh which I live.
    forfeit your stool.

    The lights that shines,
    Within my eyes,

    Oh why do thy challenge sadness,
    Lifting from the burden, convictions,
    Beliefs, of a defective love,
    Humanity soars, transfusions of sanctuaries,
    That has no cause, the turning of the door.
    Explicitly spiritual matter of no meditation of thoughts,
    Determine through the dark windows,
    The manifestations will take place no more
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    this was very nice
    so spiritually & open
    to bring the word