Black Women : In Defense of Planned Parenthood

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    I had cramps. Bad ones.

    These weren’t “oh, let me pop a Midol and take a nap” cramps. These were excruciating, day-ending, schedule altering cramps.

    And the older I got, the more intense the pain became. My cramps felt like a fist wrapped around my stomach, squeezing every five seconds, with each squeeze feeling tighter than the one before. By age 13, I was reduced to lying in a ball on the floor until the squeezing stopped; it would usually last an entire school day.

    By the time I hit high school, though, the pain was out of control. In addition to cramping, I now had to fight nausea and vomiting, too. My parents advised me to toughen up and stop being so “dramatic,” about my pain. My doctor said discomfort during my period was “normal” and advised me to take a couple of Ibuprofen. The thing was though, nothing about this sort of pain was normal, so instead of taking two or three, I ended up taking six or eight, just to feel normal.

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