Black Poetry : In clubs romance storms like dance forms have to step quick


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May 11, 2006
In clubs romance storms like dance forms have to step quick
Just to help a chick with a passionate kiss leaves her tongue slick
Sucking it, love in a fungus with a hug humongus want sex on the spot
Body be complexed and hot like burning coals while earning goal and plot
To drop it in bed, “so boo my head is a stalk of knowledge never walk
In garbage even taught in college so I have sex education in bulk”
“RHYME I don’t believe a small kiss started all this a booty call is brisk
Now you wanna get some candies and wet my panties take off
My OLD NAVY skirt and go crazy cum and flow gravy on soft
Sheets and just do boss skeets my coochee is wet and pink but let
Me think about this please” oh he jest kissed and squeezed my waist regret
That one kiss doe, it leads to much more one touch tore my stockings
Oh sex is a trouble pledge made sharp like sword double edge dropping
My panties by cutting through my resistance his Rolex was tick tocking
When a boy see silk it’s like a plea of guilt my body built so sexy knocking
The boots seem absolute some boys have a classy plan and like grassy land
It’s a mess, they wanna lawn mow coochee hairs wouldn’t date a trashy man
“So boo we at a sick party my muscles give me a thick body don’t a chick snotty
Under your dress is a pasture for grazing after some amazing sex you a hotty
Girl wearing boss pink let me buy you a soft drink go home for something stronger
Can’t take it no longer so boo let me undress you your breasts are true sex hunger
Has struck”


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