Black Poetry : In an occupied space but have hot fried lace like chicken wings boys be licking my thing they

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    In an unoccupied space
    but have hot fried lace
    like chicken wings
    boys be licking my thing
    they say it's KFC and for deft of me
    don't know
    and won't go
    in their car
    aware of the bar
    and the DJ
    as he play
    hit after hit
    and git to master it,
    a slow dance
    usher in the romance
    a chance in EBONICS for a girl to get tongued
    on phonics and hung
    oh my panties be wet a lot
    and they get hot
    my hydraulics scatter
    but my breasts are solid matter
    so they suck them
    it hard to duck them
    because they sticking out
    it get sickening no doubt
    how boys talk to them and think
    girls don't see that blind stat
    where they mind be at
    in the bed I guess
    they undress you with their eyes
    have to be aware of your pies
    when kisses soar and flies,
    my perfume is bold
    so I assume the role
    of beauty queen
    booty so round and lean
    so I enjoy the fuss and jive
    but a boy just arrived
    I must strive
    to get away
    I'm so wet today
    HE SAY” “BOO I know you got phat pie to enjoy
    and that alone can satisfy a boy
    and stats fly from here to Hanoi
    you a red bone
    and we can head home
    soft yellow skin
    which is a mellow trend
    now this is Black Hip Hop in VIRGINIA BEACH need a sincere girlfriend
    and it appear to begin as the world spin,
    want strong math
    as I walk along a path
    to add numbers
    and glad to get to see hummers,
    got thunder in my flow
    as it undergo
    just vocab to nation
    to add to life, so boo I'm ready for action
    like FREDDIE JACKSON and
    “You Are my Lady” want you to be cake and wine
    after I create and design
    words a ballistic queens
    use there body and artistic means
    to get boys, your breasts got me shook boo
    and your dress look like its new
    let me get a notebook and write to you,
    my lethal rhymes
    are like medieval times
    keep folks confused
    got deep quotes in the news,
    I go to class with this
    it's my last wish
    have to get pass this
    ”NAW PLAYER my panties very hot
    in my cherry spot
    it carry a lot
    of cake so I remain a dame sweet on the street through terrific dealing
    using specific feeling
    to drop a hot load of kisses on these boys doorstep
    but gonna need more help
    ask the right questions
    using slight aggression
    and a polite expression
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    you a new member so you a part of the conspiracy because you came straight to mine nobody elses just mine can't write your own