Black Poetry : in an affair fly that I have to clarify let my phat brain attain knowledge, came to college to learn


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May 11, 2006
in an affair fly that I have to clarify let my phat brain attain knowledge, came to college to learn, achieve ambition and believe in tradition receive friction about my skills because this stuff knock caps off even when I rap soft leave hood rats tapped in the loft time to call the ORKIN MAN, see girls applied affection in a specified direction then reach out for a peach no doubt and in VIRGINIA BEACH shouts out to SOUL SISTAS lips red pride and bright time to reach over turn off bedside light, YOU'RE A CHICK out and about plus your breasts stick out, girl your thing will be wet in my car and I get as far as loosening your bra strap and driving to WAWA ASAP on the way saw and remember a crime scene it's December nineteen looked the other way this girl got butter to say the least pray to feast between your thighs, now a Philippine girl has seen the world and be on the scene to whirl butt my way and I try to stay focus "SO BOO need a cake date with no strings attached and my bling not scratch we'll make a hot match up girl your thing syrupy and you probably want a Slurpee at the SEVEN ELEVEN there we can hug and kiss I love this NAW PLAYER I'm hot and nice but not on your life I have a plot but strife is felt I think you want me in bed with my head misled so you can go crazy on it, oh PHILLIPINE chicks get hot down there boys play around and share kisses, we here at REDMILL COMMONS my head ill off phenomenon's my lips red we should skip the bed, the sky turn blue you try earn true love, now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH I'm plenty alert in a mini-skirt with brown sweaty PHILLIPINE thighs thrill with extreme pies, could be a teen complex keen on sex have a desire to learn let the fire burn there's an empire of concern so we at the DOLLAR TREE boys wanna holler at me Philippine girls know stuff oh boys wanna go home huff and puff I've had enough game must be up to snuff I strut butt softly lips sip a cup of coffee, much leisure in college was eager for knowledge, got breasts between my legs are the sweets boys keep me on the edge of the seat because they ask for some and my task has become great these boys want some cake now and unease because boys like fun and tease and one boy squeezed my waist just to please my lace couldn't go anywhere Philippine pudding everywhere, boys wanna put their thing in there but I ignore gonna have to have a big score before that happen all the phat rapping still not enough as your plot stuffed with love talk, now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH ill and extreme from the PHILLIPINES PHILLIPINE girls go through a lot here in VIRGINIA BEACH, made certain that I be serenade when flirting can't parade when the curtains are down wanna put me in the car drive around with the top down the heat don't help fasten seatbelt turn on the AC concern and maybe on the brink of sex now think complex I spreading cake like girls on wedding dates heading to bake cookies met some great rookies" "ok so boo what you gonna do?" "naw what you wanna do?" "well girl since your thing hot and soft lets go to bed to get our rocks off" "WOW YOUR plot is to toss my PHILLIPINE panties huh? you really wanna go crazy on it, may need more help boys be on our doorstep looking for panties and stuff, got a grown flow today my home is a stone throw away boys wanna kiss my lips and go play with other stuff like phat breasts, REMEMBER ONE BOY really wanted some he jest kissed my lip got my tongue got sprung we both fell on the bed and my dress jest flew up I couldn't pull it down, oh my body roast a plenty while in close proximity of his body oh gosh i was so hot down there couldn't walk around anywhere dress up breast sucked can't test my luck i can get stuck and the bed will be wet up

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