Black Positive People : In a Single Year, This Arkansas Woman Helped 2,000 Ex-Felons Find Full-Time Jobs

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    Written by Lorraine Chow

    Finding employment after being in prison can be next to impossible.

    Not only do these people have to battle the stigma of a criminal record, they are also barred from some
    types of jobs entirely, including those in the childcare, education and healthcare fields. It’s no wonder
    that so many ex-felons turn back to a life of crime just to get by; two-thirds are re-arrested within
    three years of their release.

    But in Little Rock, Ark., one woman has given thousands of former inmates a second chance to
    contribute to society, local station THV11 reports.

    For the past three decades, Darlene Lewis’s nonprofit organization, the Lewis-Burnett
    Employment Finders Inc.
    , has helped ex-offenders prepare for interviews, assisted with job
    placement and provided help with resume writing and GED prep — all at no cost.

    Last year alone, the nonprofit aided 2,000 men and women find full-time jobs, reports say. The
    organization also helps with housing and advocates for offenders in court.

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