Black Christians : In 1 of the 4 Corners of the World~ Gog & Magog in Africa

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    HOTEL RWANDA…Tall Trees & Cockroaches?~ Biblical Translations
    In 1 of the 4 Corners of the World~ Gog & Magog in Africa~ [part II]
    The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras. GENESIS 10:2.

    Therefore, son of man, prophesy and say unto Gog, Thus saith the Lord GOD; In that day when my people of Israel dwelleth safely, shalt thou not know it?

    And thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts, thou, and many people with thee, … And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; IT SHALL BE IN THE LATTER DAYS, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes. EZEKIEL 38: 13-16.

    And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the Lord GOD, that my fury shall come up in my face. For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel;… EZEKIEL 38:18-19.
    ~Background Behind the Rwanda Genocide ~
    Based upon modern historical accounts, the Hutu people [or Abahutu] were the majority people in Rwanda but at some point in the early modern times, the minority Tutsi groups of people were supported by the White European powers and they became the ruling class. At one point in time though, the European powers decided to hand power back over to the Hutu peoples in some areas and this caused major tensions. Because many Hutus were made to believe in the White people’s election process, they voted and elected a Hutu leader, but when this leader was shot down by rebel Tutsis, the violence broke out and this would be what led to the massive genocide in April of 1994, so much so, that it was reported by some to be the worse in the history of Africa up to that time. After the violence subsided though, the Europeans that fled due to the violence, came back into Africa again in order to help in the prosecution of the many Hutus and others that were responsible for the slaughter, and then the White people went right back on the side of the Tutsis of which retain the control of Rwanda today, over the Hutus. White historians offer much confusion too, in regards to the distinctions between these groups of people and why they became initially exploited and divided. Some historians write that the Hutu and Tutsi people seem to share a similar origin and were able to be divided based upon class conflicts, while in the film Hotel Rwanda and in other films it showed another issue in how they were divided based upon certain genetic traits. In the films it showed how White people during the Colonial times divided the African people based upon traits in a cruel manner that was similar to our American chattel slavery times in which Black African people were examined publicly. If the people had European traits then they were considered to be Tutsi and therefore upper class, but if they had African traits then they were considered to be Hutu or Twa people and therefore lower class.

    Modern historians deceptively claim that even in regards to Colonial times, there are no major distinctions between the peoples. They claim that the origins of both the Tutsi and Hutu are vague. Some claim that the Hutu people migrated from another part of Central Africa into Rwanda and displaced the Twa peoples around 1000s AD, while some claim that both the Hutu and the Tutsi peoples migrated from Ethiopia together and settled in the country of Rwanda and nearby Burundi. But again, the Bible records show that these conflicting stories are very deceptive. This deception would obviously be due to the Europeans who choose to support the Tutsi supremacy over the Hutus, and this goes way back to ancient times. Not only are the names ‘Hutu’ and ‘Tutsi’ historical, but in the film the Hutu people cried out against the Tutsi people and referred to them as being “Tall Trees’ and ‘Cockroaches’ and this too sheds light on the distinctions that the Hutu peoples made in regards to the Tutsi people, terms that White historians don’t care to clarify. The White Supremacist presence constantly in Africa becomes the very issue why conflicts arose between these groups of ‘Black’ peoples and why their conflicts were never solved. This kind of White presence in Africa continually fuels the fire. Therefore, it becomes apparent that the core conflicts between these groups of African-typed peoples are not solely based upon a class conflict or genetic traits, but goes back to a time when the issue of COLOR became the most significant basis for divisions amongst the African people. What White European peoples have omitted in their films and in their scripts would be that the beginning conflicts that arose amongst the African-typed people would be due to an ancient Color Caste System that set up in Africa in ancient Egypt.

    Hutu & Tutsi Origins ~
    Today, the Hutu people comprises thousands of years of history and therefore over the course of time, many different kinds of people have become connected to the Hutu experience, but the name goes back to its Biblical origins and confirms history so incredibly well. The name ‘HUTU’ actually describes the original people and confirms that they are the original people of that very land in North Africa. In fact, all of North Africa belonged to the ancestors of these Hutu people. The name ‘HUTU’ becomes a variation of the very name of the man, PHUT, the legitimate son of HAM, the son of Noah. So many different kinds of Phut people have other various names such as ‘Hutu’ [PHUTU], ‘Pu’ [as in Puerto Rico], ‘Pua’, ‘Fu’ [as in Fulani], ‘Futa’ [Phuta], ‘Fulbe’, ‘Fula’ …, that define the many different cultures that they have formed as they branched off from their earliest cultures. Their distinctive names as being descendants of Phut becomes a constant and the White man and woman know this. The name and history of ‘the TUTSI people’ connects to the very history of ‘THE EGYPTIANS’, and they are ethnic ‘Black’ people but, they are not the original people of Africa; they are intermixed with Ham but they are not Hamitic but are descendants of Japheth [Ptah]. The ancestors of the Tutsi people are from the east world. Technically, the name ‘TUTSI’ reveals that they are specifically ‘THOTHS’ and are connected to the kind of Egyptians [Aegyptos] that ruled during the 18th Dynasty. The 18th Dynasty began byway of two Moses brothers but soon, their dynastic line ended due to Thutmosis I [Thothmosis I] who was a military commander and assumed leadership over Egypt byway of marriage.

    Unlike most of the past Egyptian dynasties, the Thutmosis kings were a distinct kind of Egyptians. Ancient scripts show that the Egyptians [Aegyptos] comprise two distinct kinds of Black Heth peoples; the Guptans [ie. Gomers] and the Agyptos [AG-gyptos] or, the MAGOGS. The Gomers [ie. Guptans] though, are the true Egyptians and certain early descendants of Magog intermixed with them. The original Magogs elevated the GOMERS based upon the presence of the goddess Ashteroth in their origins. So long before these east world people migrated from the east world into Africa, they had already formed a culture. Both of these east world ‘Black’ Heth peoples Aegyptos, [Gomer & Magog], are dominant and when they first migrated into Africa, they eventually took dominance over the original Hamitic people of Africa especially in Egypt. Because they also are intermixed with Hamitic people, their east world origins sometimes became suppressed and hidden. However, they formed a civilization long before they even migrated into Africa. Therefore, their ideals are rooted in the east world and the northeast. Their migration from the east world into the west was over a period of time and in waves. While some came from civilizations that had formed in Northern India and the Southern Caucasus mountain ranges at one time, others migrated northeastwards and eventually migrated southwards into Africa at another time and etc. This would be the history of the Thoths. One modern and awesome reference about this would be that of Dr. Barashango, and another important major resource from ancient times would be that of Herodotus.

    According to Herodotus certain Aegyptos people, like the Thutmosis line, would be known as COLCHIANS and came from the northeast world; a name that agrees with the Bible [ie. Nicolaitans]. These ancient Blacks migrated from the east into the northeast into South Russia and then into Turkey and became apart of the major Hurrian military force and the very backbone of the ancient Hittite [White; W-Hite] civilization in Central Turkey. The original Hurrians were tall Black Cush-ites of Ham from ancient Babylon, and these Heth people intermixed with them in these early times. Again, Thutmosis I was a military commander under the Moses dynasty and took over the throne by marriage because the Moses pharaoh had no male heir. The Hittite capitol was called HATTUSAS and Thutmosis I named his daughter, HATSHEPSUT, a name that reflects his northern origins and links with the Hurrian military force that the ancient Whites depended upon to dominate. This would be the origins of the 18th Dynasty. They were Thoths, which was an old pre-flood term that the post-flood descendants of MAGOG of the north world adopted based upon their practices and their beliefs. And the influence that they had over Africa was major. Because these Thoths elevated Ashteroth, after the time of Hatshepsut, they began to bond with strange Asiatic women and elevated them above the Egyptian and other ethnic women they already had in their courts, and therefore, White supremacist have continued to exploit this history for thousands of years to their benefit as they sought to dominate and control all of Africa and the original African people. This would be the background of the Tutsi people.

    After the death of the ‘Boy’ King Tut, the 18th Dynasty eventually ended and another dynasty began under another military officer, an Egyptian man who began the 19th Dynasty of the Ramesids. Some of Thoth people remained under this new dynastic line, but when they eventually migrated away from Egypt along with other African peoples and into other parts of Africa and the world, they carried their experiences under the 18th Dynasty and the 19th Dynasty with them. White scholars know this history but have deliberately omitted it. For thousands of years and all throughout the Roman Empire times and beyond, the adversary has constantly appealed to this ‘Black’ Heth presence that became apart of African history in order to dominate the whole of Africa. This would be the background of the Tutsi and this would be why the European powers elevated the Tutsi minorities and supported them over the Hutu Hamitic majority in Rwanda. When it was convenient though, White Supremacist fostered intense hate amongst these kinds of Black peoples and then when the Tutsi people were attacked and sacrificed, the Gogs remained silent for a time and until after many Tutsis were sacrificed. Then they came back to further sacrifice the Hutus as well. How many innocent Tutsis, Tutsi children and even Hutus were sacrificed? This would be a crime against humanity, all for the cause of White Supremacy. However, when the film showed that the Hutu people cried out against the Tutsi people, they reveal some truths that have come down through the ages but also, it shows that White people today know about this ancient history about Gog and Magog to a great extent. Amazingly though, some of this history has finally been put to script in our modern times and portrayed in films. The movie, Hotel Rwanda, reveals suppressed truths that White people have been able to manipulate in order to benefit at the expense of certain Black African peoples for thousands of years. Cont.

    Amenhotep II also tried to break traditions by preventing the names of his wives from being recorded and
    introducing women who were not from the royal lineage into the line of descent…'s_Wife_of_Amun

    …After becoming pharaoh, Amenhotep married a woman of uncertain parentage named

    the Colchians, for example, as described in the 5th century bce by the Greek historian Herodotus, were black-skinned Egyptians, though their true origin remains unclear....

    The northern Colchians were independent of Persia, not being included in any satrapy, and only paying every fourth year a tribute of 100 boys and 100 maidens.13

    The most interesting question connected with the Colchians is that of their nationality. They were a black race14 dwelling in the midst of whites, …That they were comparatively recent immigrants from a hotter climate seems therefore to be certain…. Perhaps the modern theory that the Colchians were immigrants from India19 is entitled to some share of our attention….

    ….They remained, however, an important people to the time of Mithridates,5 and are even mentioned as continuing by writers of the Byzantine Empire.6

    Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write; These things saith he​
    that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst​
    of the seven golden candlesticks;…​

    But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the NICOLAITANS,​
    which I also hate. REVELATION 2.1, 6.​
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