Pan Africanism : impoverishment

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    i'd like 2 talk bout som issue's that weren't discussed @ the dnc & won't b @ the rnc either,(& the reason i wasn't impressed by all the pretty sounding speaches), but which r contributing heavily, nmho, 2 the conditions we liv n.

    issue 1: the war n iraq; where is the outcry? let me argue, 4 a moment tht u can overlook the immorality of invading an independant soverign nation, ostensibly 2 prevent their use of wmd, which turn out 2 hv existed only n the minds of condoskeeza rice & beans, i'm covering my colon powell, & george f ur not rich it's ur fault bush. u.s. casualities r approaching 1,000, & there can b little doubt a good % of those on the front lines r blk. :censored: mor died last month than the month b4. it's dangerous there 4 every1. 4 the past 2 months u.s. soldiers hv been dying @ a rate of almost 2 a day. control of iraq is up 4 grabs all over the country, but esp n places like mosul, bagdad, sadr city, & nasiriyah, where insurgents don't need 2 b strong enuf 2 defeat the u.s. militarily 2 win. according 2 eyewittness accounts, almost everything is broke, utilities aren't working, employment is virtually non existant. :bomb:

    basic infrastructure of water, power, & sanitation, is n utter desolation throughout most of the country. 4 over a yr, bagdad has been dumping untreated waste n the tigris river - :bomb: - that will inevitably lead 2 an xplosion in gastrointestianl disorders, which will b dumped on already overbrudend hospitals, which hv across the board shortages n supplies & personnel. cost of (link below) now estimates the cost of the war @ over $130,185,466,800. public opinion has changed - n dec 2003 65% supported it, 35% opposed, now, as of aug 2004, 48% support, & 50% r opposed 2 the war. iraq, like vietnam b4 it, is simply not worth the cost, even when viewed n strictly mercenary terms. no 1 n the current administration seems 2 b able 2 xplain what is actually going on & even the kerry camp is strangely silent, 4 the most part, on what how his policy 4 the war would b different.

    polls demonstrate the gen public has no mor confidence n the war policies of kerry than they hv of bush. the only possible advantage kerry has is his 'blank state' status, as far as forign policy goes. i can imagine a scenario where a pollster would knock on my door, requesting my voter preference, bush or kerry? i think my response would b, 'who else ya got?'. :lol: does any1 liv n a state that couldn't use slightly over $2,000,000,000.00, it's share of the funds spent 4 the war, 4 education, health care, job training & creation, road & hyway repair, etc., 4 it's inhabitants?

    issue 2: outsourcing - a fancy word 4 sending jobs to cheap labor markets overseas. india, china, & the philippines hv received most of the jobs. these r the kinds of jobs tht put kids thru college & pay the mortgage. so, who's doing it? general motors, ibm, tyco, delta air lines, time warner (owners of aol & cnn), i.e., som of the same ppl always asking 4 ur $$. the jobs r being sent abroad so fast, the u.s. economy is facing a crisis of historic proportions. that's happened b4, but this time there may not b the usu recovery. lou dobbs book: exporting amerikkka, y corporate greed is shipping american jobs overseas, makes this abundantly clear.

    the power of corporations over national policy has nvr been greater, & these corp's r indifferent 2 the impoverishment they r imposing on their customers. corporate amerikkka thru it's policies over the past decade has created an adversarial relationship w it's employee's. world trade organization & nafta were basically outsourcing agreements: & btw, it was the dem's who brought wto & nafta n2 existance. they gave companys in the u.s. permission 2 mov their corp's anywhere n the world, set up shop & then ship the finished product back 2 the u.s. 2 b marketed.

    corp amerikkka has taken control of the national media, nearly every avenue of access 2 information about those influences over our lives. as far as i'm concerned, both parties r wholely owned subsidiaries of their big corporate doners & it is 2 their tune they dance. neither candidate is saying this country is about the ppl who live in it, nor have they shown any desire 2 make their concerns the top priority.

    som ?'s: w these jobs going abroad, & their associated dollars, where is the tax based revenue to support medicare, medicaid, & social security - programs already n serious financial trouble - going 2 com from? where r the customers 4 the expensive luxury items, those plums from which companys extract sizeable profits, going 2 com from? although it's common 2 think of the wealthy as living 1 continuous shopping spree, they didn't get rich by spending $$'s, & they typically spend less, on a % basis, than their less endowed compatriots.

    issue 3: 1st, som #'s: it's the mark of a truly educated person 2 b deeply moved by statisitics, 2 c the human reality behind the #'s. n 1954, 89,000 blk men were n prison, n 2002, it's 884,500k; on any given day 1 out of 10 blk men under 40 is n jail or prison; since '95 only 38% of blk males n chicago hv graduated from h.s.; y is that important? by 99, 60% of afam males dropouts n their early 30's were n jail/prison. we're not hearing anything from either party about this crisis in the afam community. we now hv young blk men n our communities that expect 2 go 2 prison!

    i realize at 1st glance, these issues might not seem 2 hv much 2 do w e/o, but take another look: they all act individually 2 impoverish the blk community on som level, n concert they r assiduously decimating.

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