Black People : Important word of CAUTION

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    This past weekend one of my co-workers was robbed at gunpoint by a young lady who approached him at a gas station in Southwest, D.C.. He had been working all weekend and stopped to gas up his car. While pumping gas he was approached by a young lady who had two kids with her. She asked if she could get a ride; I believe her story was that her car broke down. Anyway, because she had two kids with her, she seemed harmless. So, he agreed to give her a ride. Well, not soon after they pulled out of the gas station, she drew a gun on him and demanded that he go the nearest ATM. While driving to the ATM, he noticed that they were being followed by another vehicle; probably her accomplice. They arrived at the ATM and she instructed him to request $1,000; that didn't work. So, she told him to punch in $900; that didn't work. Well, the gentlemen knew that the next amount would work because he specifically requested that his bank increase his ATM limit. So, she proceeded to instruct him to punch in $800. He did what she asked and once they got the money, they returned to his car. She then demanded that he give her his shoes. He again complied with her request. She took the shoes and I believe that at that point she and the kids got out of the car. I'm not 100% sure of the details from that point. I'm happy to say that the gentlemen was able to get out of the situation unharmed.

    Once I heard his story, I immediately called my husband, my son and my stepson to warn them about what happened. Because I know how they are, I can imagine that either one of them would have done the same thing.

    I was on my way home late last night and something told me to call my sister and warn her because who knows, this could happen anywhere. She lives in Lexington Park, MD (two hours from D.C.). So, I told her the story. And, much to my surprise, she informed me that she was approached by a young lady who had two small children on this past Saturday, outside of a Subway restaurant. The lady asked if she was "going south on Route 5". Route 5 is the main road that most people travel on in that area. Thankfully she told the lady she wasn't going that direction. I can't imagine that it could have been the same person. Who knows, that particular lady could have been perfectly harmless. But, you never know. People take desperate measures to get money; especially during the holiday season and you know once a criminal finds out about a good scam, they may be tempted to try it themselves. It's unfortunate, but it's a fact of life. So, just be very cautious and if you find yourself in a situation like this, go with your gut.

    Feel free to pass this on.