Black Spirituality Religion : Importance of service to God

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    Importance of service to God

    You may say that service is impossible, – Hanuman and Gopikas are
    Exceptional and human beings – cannot sacrifice so much in action.
    This is totally wrong because – human beings sacrifice so much here
    For their children, impossible - must be impossible every-where.

    You are sacrificing your entire work – to serve your children always.
    In the end you are sacrificing – all your wealth to them only here.
    In such sacrifice, you are not – aspiring any fruit in return from them.
    It is the true love, practically proved – truth, none can deny this.
    Compare God and your child – in the practical love and estimate
    The percentage of reality – in your love to God without hypocrisy.
    You are not doing prayers with words – meditation and devotion with
    Mind, discussions with intelligence – for your child as you do for God.

    All your love to God is false, - only to get practical benefits from God
    Through words, feelings and discussions – like a prostitute exactly.
    Even if you serve God – through work and fruit of work, it is only
    Advance investment for more profit, – you are just a merchant.
    Do not be Veshya or Vaishaya before God, – at least be frank,
    Admit your defects and do not try – to fool God by false show.
    There are five instruments, – word, mind, intelligence, work and
    Fruit of work that can be sacrificed – to indicate your love here.
    The first three are theoretical, - the last two are practical.
    Practice is a proof for theory, - practice also must be without any
    Aspiration of fruit in return, - then only the practice is real.
    Theory must lead to practice – practice will lead to the fruit.
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    Nothing be impossible for the Father, so if one show their faith in the Father and the Son, surely they will overcome all things which at first seemed insurmountable.

    Also, the Father won't ask us to sacrifice anymore than we can, so there's no way it would come to being impossible for us. Just as the Son sacrificed all He had in the body for our sins, that we might have salvation, we should be willing to do the same in return for The Father's love. And so, as He, the Son, was resurrected back to life on the 3rd day, so shall we be brought back to life forever, in the Father and the Son. But we need to have belief and Faith, unwavering, unceasing.