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    Anybody sharing their opinion here and it happens to be truthful be prepared to share. Cause I'm gonna claim it too (along with the rest of the universe) !!!!

    If it is untruthful you can have it all to yourself. :em4200:

    (something that was inspired by the ''What is truth and does God love Black people '' threads)

    Seriously if your personnel opinion is truthful can you really claim it as your own? And if you found out it wasn't (truthful)would you still want to claim it?

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    Dec 30, 2006
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    (Scratching head) Yeah.....I'm still trying to figure/detect whats actually being given and recieved.

    In order to exchange ideas you have to actually identify with them and own them which, in the case of it being shuffled, one would experience themselves being shuffled as well.

    Its analogous to a wave or a particle .....Even if you are not identifying with what you are exchanging there has to be some point in time when you possess something given or vice versa. Neither seems to be what is going on atleast from my standpoint but yet as most manipulate the logistics that exist between us (especially in a cyber medium) you would think their strapped into some sort of contraption; obligating them to emote (or employ various defence mechanisms) within the normal conditions of a physical conflict.

    I chastize my person (every Lunar cycle) for these same issues. Hetep