Chief Elder Osiris : Immune To Having A Desire For Freedom

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    Immune To Having A Desire For Freedom.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This come from.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Will Hear You.

    There is no illusion I have, that anything that is referencing Black Revolutionary information or an approach that need to be taken by Black people, in an effort to solve the problem Black people face in America, I know that is not what is first and fore most on Black people mind.

    I am well aware that most Black people have no hunger and thirst for such Divine information, that which will serve as a motivating force that will push Black people to an action that will indicate dissatisfaction in maintaining our present life living condition and position in America, today.

    There are some Black people who believe that Black people in America is in a position that have us to be "blessed", that religiously mean, being in a position that we could not have ever "hoped" to be in, or rather be any place else.

    Such a hoping Black people, is what verify that we are immune to having a desire to be free, because anything less than freedom, is alright with us Black folks.

    Black people are people who have been intoxicated into wanting only the illusion of freedom, and we have no awareness about the Divine Essence, (GOD) which is Freedom without limits, and freedom attributes are justice and independence.

    But, we will rather remain as is, a ward and steward to Lucifer, the representative and verifier of injustice.

    Beloved, Rage caused by the nonacceptance of injustice and disrespect, is Revolutionary, and such action is justified, because it lead to Divine change, and that change is not secondary to freedom, but is primary with freedom.

    Most Black people today, rather beg for anything our lives are affected by that does not represent freedom, we are immune to having a desire to be free.

    That is why you have so call Black leader activists, they that claim to be Pan-Afrikan and Black Nationalist in scope, but is integration/assimilation in want, they having influence upon Black people who look to them to be truthful and Honest with them, when claiming to be acting in their best interest, when they are not.

    If you are Black and call yourself a leader of Black people, and freedom is not primary in all that you do in the name and interest of Black people, then you are a liar and a deceiver of Black people.

    It make no difference what you make claim to be about, in the activity that has mislead Black people to believe that what our lives been made to want, is not freedom but is no more than superficial change.

    Such low quality of change, it being when you are not in control of your environment, you only seeking progress and advancement, reconciliation with Lucifer, it being only a secondary claim to freedom and independence.

    Those are the levels that are not capable of measuring up to that which the Black life is accustom to, which is a condition and position that is primary to the Black life, which is freedom.

    The brand new Afrikan is immune to having a desire for Freedom, because they know that Freedom and independence is associated to, and is connected with Afrika, and require that there be a United Black Afrikan Naton.

    Take for instance, the thing that verify that most Black people are immune to desiring to be free from, one of many of those things, happen to be the fact that we allow the devil to assign us a month to focus on as being the Time we are to focus on Black folks contribution to America, not the Divine Black Being story about the happenings that verify the Divine Truth about our bringing Civilization to this Earth, and we serve as evidence to what exactly happen to us Black people on this Earth, which should be a life living requirement of Black people to know.

    There was a civilization that was left to people upon this Earth by Black people of a Divine Mind, with a meaning and purpose to inform about life and its meaning and purpose for life being as it is, which is meant to be free.

    Take a look and see the people who were the prime upon this Earth, See Afrka as it is today, you can not tell me with a Divine conscious that Black people in the spirit we display in life today, that such a spirit is not one that verify that we are immune to having a desire to become free again.

    Black History is only about perceive accomplishments that the oppressors allow Black people in America to involve ourselves in doing things that will advance white America civilization and not Black people freedom.

    As a matter of fact, Black History is just that, Lucifer story told to black people about ourselves.

    We are Black people today, doing things that allowed the oppressors to tell his story about us, and Black people did what they did in America, that is chalked up to be activity that we did and accomplished while a slave and a ward of the oppressors.

    In actuality Black America History does not have any value in the presence of the need for Black people freedom.

    Black Americans being caught up in the foundation of what we relate to as being American.

    So, any activity Black people are engaged in that is not in pursuit of our freedom, it shows that we have developed an immunity to freedom, because we have shown thus far, that we are only conditioned to involve ourselves in America with things that are secondary to freedom, it being the reason why we behave in the world and toward ourselves as we do, which is in a very disrespectful way, endorse a people who have been made to be immune to having a desire to be free.

    Be Kind to your self, Beloved.


    Chief Elder
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