Black People : Immortal Technique at Occupy Wall st

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    AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!,, as we turn right now, Immortal Technique, here on Wall Street, Occupy Wall Street.
    IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE: People want to talk about where it started. I want to talk about where it’s spreading. I want to talk about where it’s going.
    AMY GOODMAN: Where is it going?
    IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE: I think it’s not going anywhere. I think it’s going to continue, because that’s what people want. They want it to go away. They want it to be pacified. They want it to be co-opted, you know? Believe me, there are forces on either side that would love to do so, because when they look at the people, they think anger, voting bloc, consumer base—how can we galvanize these people to push them in our direction or not?
    And I think what you see here is a genuine amount of cynicism, but not too much, people that say, "You know what? I want concrete solutions. I want people held accountable for what they did wrong. I want governments to realize that they’re not just going to get a free pass for their horrific record of human rights, even if you’re supported by America, because we have deals to exploit your natural resources." I think that that’s what people are genuinely concerned with here.