Black People : Immeditate Release-THE SILENT KILLER-HIV/AIDS

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    THE SILENT KILLER OF OUR COMMUNITY is a full exploration of how this deadly disease has infiltrated every crevice of society without regard for race, class or gender. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control, members of the black community (including African Americans), who only make up approximately 13% of the US population, account for almost half of the estimated number of HIV/AIDS cases diagnosed nationwide ( A Glance at the HIV/AIDS Epidemic, 2005 ). Mo "Loumoste" Stegall, creator/executive producer of The SELF Show, has been personally affected by HIV/AIDS and hopes that this documentary will help to break the silence.

    THE SILENT KILLER OF OUR COMMUNITY will premier in Charlotte, NC on February 8, 2008. Want to be involved? Send an email to [email protected] com or visit www.theselfshow. com. For more information and/or interview requests, please contact Jameka Whitten, JSW Media Group at 718.878.7012 or [email protected] com.