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    Because I have done so much research, I just want to respond to this amazing post about the Black Presence in ancient times that has been shared. My research has been meticulous in regards to looking at words and terminologies for their original meanings and I have basically raked over certain ancient words with a so-called, ‘fine-tooth COMB’. I absolutely agree with MOST of the findings in this post. But, without realizing the importance of ‘origins of words’ it is so easy to be led astray and perhaps, unintentionally, by other kinds of experts of whom are not of African descent. Even in the best intentions, Black History will always be told in ‘part truths and not all’ by other kinds of people simply because, it has to be completed by us. I am aware that as an African American female, my research will never be received with much support but, I strongly believe that if I don’t offer what I have then, this kind of ‘respect of persons’ will never be proven and overcome. I will always be suppressed if I don’t at least try and share my contributions to life eternal. It is important for my own salvation that I respond to this wonderful research because it’s my passion. I believe that if we as African Americans don’t at some point take responsibility of our own history to determine the truth then nobody wins. We must embrace the help of others but ultimately, we have to do some individual research on our own.

    My approach to Black History is based on a solid comparison and contrast of the Bible [kjv] with many books and I realize that even though most secular authors do not admit the Biblical connection, all words will prove themselves to go right back to that Bible! So then, I would love to take this opportunity to offer my research to this post in hopes that all can see the importance of ‘searching for the origin of words’ otherwise, the good intentions of many other kinds of people may be mistaken for the ultimate truth. We have to research the words and the scriptures. Words will testify for or against themselves:

    KYMRY------ also written as Cymri in history books-----YES, they were Blacks!
    *********************** Cimmerians****** GOMER, Japheth***************
    . . . there has been migrations and great dispersals of people, all over the world. The British Isles is no exception. Before the White race finally dominated the Isles, another race of people had long been established there and had left an indelible mark on the history of that territory.

    The evidence is simply overwhelming that the earliest inhabitants of Britain and Ireland were in fact peoples of African descent - Blacks. Mythological, archeological, linguistic and other sources have substantiated this remarkable fact.

    Candid authorities like the British Egyptologists Gerald Massey and Albert Churchward, the Scottish historian David Mac Ritchie, and the British antiquarian Godfrey Higgins, have done exhaustive research and brought many facts to our knowledge. Tacitus, Pliny, Claudian and other writers have described the Blacks they encountered in the British Isles as “Black as Ethiopians,” “Cum Nigris Gentibus,” “nimble-footed blackamoors,” and so on.

    From all indications, the ancient dwellers of the British Isles and Ireland, like the Kymry (one of the names given to the earliest inhabitants, were Blacks. David Mac Ritchie has provided substantial evidence in his two-volume work . . .

    The Ancient Cimmerians

    The many other words and terminologies linked to the ancient Cimmerians are numerous and seems endless. But here a just a few:

    Remember, ‘the letter y’ is ‘a replacement letter’.

    Egyptian----Egupta---Gypsy---Gupta---Chandragupta_______Gomer----GYM [large department store in Communist Russia; also known as GUM, or GOM]_______Communist, The Comb Test, command, Africom_______Gombe [Japanese Park in Africa],_______Sodom & Gomorrah
    Romany_____Kim, Eskimo, Yakima_____Togarmah ---Ugarit---Hagar [Egyptian mother of Ishmael]---Garamantes---Toga___Hippodrome, Hiptolemy___Khety [Chief Black Kettle], Houma Nation, Homer, Oklahoma___Chedorlaomer [Elam king; part Gomer],___Wyoming,
    ___Comanche_____Gomez__Ashkenazi ---Nazi-----Ashkenites [white people; Hittites descendants of JapHeth]___****** Kenites [Black people; descendants of JapHeth],
    __RipHath ------Athens [backbone of the Greek Classical Age]...

    I would not begin to try and tell a historical story and connect these words to any timeline at this point. I just wanted to offer a little insight on the vastness of names that are connected to the ancient Egyptians [ancient Cimmerians] and show how African Americans have been given history in ‘a broken’ and ‘disconnected format’. The ancient Kymri [Cymri] people of the Celtic Isles that today we know as ‘the British Isles’ are simply ‘ancient Cimmerians’, and this would be the word for the ancient and aboriginal ‘Black people’ that are descendants of JapHeth. There is no ‘all good’ neither ‘all evil’ when it comes to history as we have been so conditioned to believe [in my opinion]. But based upon my research, ancient ‘Black History’ might evoke some bitter emotions. I believe one of the best approaches to unfolding ancient history in a fashion that it can be understood more easily is to start with specific words and their origins and branch off from it. But it is difficult to know where to begin when it concerns the ancient Cimmerians or ancient Egyptians. Should the beginning be in North Africa, India, South Russia or maybe Turkey on the top of Mt. Ararat!?

    The name ‘Egypt’ implies ‘Africa’ [Northeast Africa] but based upon a deeper search, there would be much more to this story. The more exact expression for ‘Egypt’ would be ‘Aegyptos’ [Aegupta] and just like the word ‘Cimmerian’ it defines three distinct kinds of ancient people that formed an early civilization long before many came to Egypt. Based upon my research the word ‘Egyptian’ became a collective description of the more earlier Cimmerians [blacks]. The word ‘Egupta’ stems from the word ‘Copper’ of which in Egypt these Cimmerians eventually became referred to as ‘black’ meaning ethnic ‘people of color’:

    ********************** Coptic *****Gupta *****************Cyprus**************
    The word Egyptian actually means ‘brown’ or more correctly ‘COPPER COLORED’ and this coincides with ‘the Copper Age’. Secular scientist seems to completely skip over the distinctions between the words ‘Chalcolithic Age’ versus ‘the Copper Age’ and usually define them both to mean a time when the copper metal was mined. But there is much more to this story. The word ‘Chalcol’ specifically means ‘black-brown’ and ‘Bronze‘ means ‘black-brown’. However just as today, the ancient Egyptians would be considered ‘black’ but they ranged in color because it was the essence of their origins. The Egyptian civilization was based upon ‘the color of skin’. Based upon their northeastern origins, they viewed themselves as White Gomer, Red Gomer or Black Gomer and etc. [White Russia, Red Russia, Huns or Hans...Chan/yellow]. . . . There is much more to this . . .

    In order to understand the history of Egypt we have to go back to the northeast of ancient Iraq [Black-Babylon] and discover the origins of the name of ‘the Cimmerians’. Just like the word ‘Egypt‘, the word ‘Cimmerian’ defines three different distinct kinds of ‘black’ people that formed a civilization. Out of all three of them though, one distinct kind of blacks evolved over thousands of years later to become the most exploited and yet the most dominant, but in ancient times they can be identified by a hidden name that one would probably not think important:

    ********[1]Cimmerian**********[2]Sumerian********[3]Cholchian [Meri]*************
    ****************Merlin, the Magical Magician Man; Magog**************************
    ******************Ole King Cole was a merry Ole Soul******************************
    ***********Did Ole St. NiCHOLAS have DredLocks or No Lochs at all!?*****************
    ********The Coal Black Man ******Cholchian [Loch-Chol]***********INVERTED--
    *****NEWS FLASH!*****The Original St. Nikolas was not white!!!***************

    There is so much more to this history and I would not be surprised if confusion has just arisen. At any rate, before there were ‘the Aegyptos [Agyptos & Egyptians] there were the Hamites; the Black Babylonians [Chaldeans of Cush Ham] in ancient Iraq. Gomer& Magog came down from the northeast and exploited Cham in Black-Babylon and Africa. And, after the original Chaldeans were overthrown, the Sumerians [inter-mixed Chaldeans; Blacks], the Cholchians [the Celts] and the Cimmerians [Gomers] became shrouded in history. But what is the origin of the name ‘Cimmerian’!? . . . There is more to this history . . . Here is a hint:

    Just like us today, JapHeth had more than one name. NOAH HAD MORE THAN ONE NAME!!! As the Bible states, JapHeth was the ‘ELDER brother of Shem’ and therefore, he was named after his father. It was JapHeth who was the original ‘High Priest of God’ but . . . Sodomy & Gommorah . . . All of the sons of Noah including JapHeth and all the descendants have an inheritance with ‘God’ the Creator but, JapHeth lost his birthright of a firstborn...bisexuality...
    First it was given to Cham but, later it was Shem of whom eventually became the high priest of God. However, Gomer was named after JapHeth because he was the only ‘dominant’ son [written in the Bible] to come from JapHeth’s wife of the ark [Juno; the white woman] . . . We are all inter-twined in some way and redemption has come to every walk of life. Many ‘African-typed’ women are intermixed with the descendants of JapHeth . . . even me! . . . Keturah, Haggith, Hagar, Zipporah . . . Mari Magdalene!!!

    *************Imhotep, the high Priest of God------the high priest of PTAH **************
    **************Japetah [Yapheth; Ya or High]*******JAH*****YEHOVAH***********
    *******************Japetah; the Former High Priest of God*************************
    **************************Imhotep & Kim [JapHeth]*****************************
    *****Imhotep & Ham‘s generation [Mizraim, Casluhim, Philistim, Ludim...Mentuhotep]*****
    *****NEWS FLASH!!!******NOAH-------IMHOTEP!!!******************************
    ******Noah was a High Priest and guess what!? Imhotep was a High Priest!!!*************
    ****How else did Noah learn the skill to build the ark!?****The Great Steppe Pyramid!!!****
    **********HOPE YOU MADE IT TO THE END. . . I‘M LONG WINDED**************