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    For those that have every read a post from me on this board... you probably know me as "DA BROTHER LOVE"

    This is a name that I have taken not by choice, but because of diffuculties of registering another name on this board. To folks that know me from outside of this board, you know I go by the name of Imani T. Misfit.

    I would like for you to focus your attention on me for a moment as I have something that could possibly be the best post you have read all day.

    First, this involves a series of questions that requires your imagination. Follow me...

    Are you open to the possibilty that there is a great purpose as to why you are reading my posts? Do you believe in fate? Or the power of destiny? If you are one of those people that believe that there are no accidents in life, and everything that happens is part of a divine purpose, then I would like for you to consider that perhaps there is an ultimate reason we have crossed paths.

    Did you chose to read this post? OR did my post chose YOU?

    Quite possibly, there may be something working even now as you read THIS post.

    My posts are not only seen by people on this board, but at least 10 other boards. With at least 200 people viewing each board, that is a total of 2000 people coming in contact with my posts everyday. The greatest thing about this is that this is a number that continues to grow with each day.

    You see, the thing that you will eventually come to realize about Imani, is that I am what you call a PHENOMENON. An Urban Legend. For a VERY good reason.

    If you really pay attention and read between the lines of every post, there is a common theme between all of them. From now on, it will be easy to remember that no matter how strange or how weird my posts may seem, there is an amazing purpose behind all of them. If you are focus in on my energy that I am sending, you will realize that everything I say is for a very good reason that will prove beneficial to you.

    Now. The question that may come to your mind at this point is... WHAT IS IT that I am saying? Im very glad you asked that. Because this is the part where things get ineresting. You see, that it is ultimately the reason that you have been chosen. To figure out what I am trying to tell you.

    From this point on, you will no longer read my posts like you read everybody elses posts. You will read my posts and percieve them as a psychological study of a phenomenal personality:


    Good luck....