Spoken Word : "Imagine" an excerpt from A Poetic Anthology of Love and the Pursuit of Spiritual Growth

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    I imagine

    That I declined your proposition

    That, instead,

    You read

    Me composition

    Until we fell asleep

    In a love position

    And later arose

    In each others arms

    And I was carried away

    By your romantic charms

    I imagine

    That you took me on a date

    And that our hearts

    From the start

    Could totally relate

    Realizing mutually

    We were soul-mates

    That we were destined

    To be together


    Forever and ever

    I imagine

    That we got married

    That it was love

    From above

    That we carried

    And all our dreams

    Were big and varied

    Then we came together

    For the first time

    And the entire moment

    Was sublime

    I imagine

    That I carried your child

    That the sheer joy

    Of a boy

    Would make you wild

    And fill your heart

    With a smile

    Because our love had created

    Something so pure

    Because you knew

    Our love would endure

    It’s too bad,

    We never gave it a try

    And it’s so sad

    We had to say good-bye

    It’ll be a sin

    If we never meet again

    But if we do

    I can only imagine