Black Poetry : I'm Tired

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    I'm tired of being walked on and basically spit in the face
    I'm tired of putting my life on hold , when your not running the same race
    I'm tired of getting a phone call from you every once in awhile
    Then you have the nerve to ask me 21 questions as if I'm up on trial
    You see, one thing about you is you only call when you want what I got
    Whatcha think I am a ***, boo I thinks not
    You see I have a lot more to offer like my heart, my soul, and my mind
    And if that’s not enough, stop bugging me, stop wasting my time
    You see I'm tired of chasing someone that don't like me for me
    I once was blind but now I see
    I'm not a *** you one of the two
    And I was only with you because I thought you loved me the way that I loved you
    You see you want me now because of what I can do
    You was feeling kinda special when boys was asking "Man is she for you"
    I thought it was kinda strange how you came run talk to me and give me a hug at the fair
    All because you wanted boys to think that me and you was a pair
    You was only jealous cause boys was trying to holla at me in front of your face
    But if I remember correctly, you was the one saying you needed space
    Now you all in my face hollaring bout I love you boo
    But you can stop wasting your time because remember I aint never mattered to you
    You see you tried to use me in a different way that night
    So boys would say she for Jt leave shawty alone alright
    Trying to walk with me in public sporting me like I'm your baby doll
    You need to get out my face with that ****
    I'm not getting used when you don't even call
    Like I'm stupid, you was trying to use me as your trophy piece
    All because you got a dose of something call jealousy
    You started to realize that I won't always be there
    And that I deserve so much more someone who actually cares
    Now you say you can be that person what makes this different from before
    Just stop with the lying I can't take it anymore
    You see I love you don't mean a thing when it's coming out your mouth
    And to be honest with you I don't think you know what love is all about
    So here's my advice to you
    Take it or leave it,
    It's up to you:
    When you find someone worth keeping, don't take them for granted
    Walk the straight and narrow
    Don't follow the slanted
    Don't get caught up in all the hype
    Learn to love girls for who they are not for if they look tight
    Because there are some things that you should hold on to and some you should just let burn
    And don't be mad just take it as a lesson learned
    So you do you and I'll do me
    Because you seem to know how to do that perfectly
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    welcome to the family
    feeling your poem deep
    i can really relate to I'm Tried
    looking forward to reading more
    of your flows
    Please take the time to read and post to the Poetic Etiquette thread
    keep the flows coming
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    welcome to poetic playground
    welcome to the family of love& peace
    nice flow ya words kissed the page sweetly
    look to read more of you