Black Poetry : I'm Sorry

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    I'm Sorry
    I was sick of the games
    I was sick of the wait
    I was sick of feeling like I was taking her place
    I was sick of your name
    I was sick of the same
    I was sick of always having to take the blame

    Was tired of basing everything on one single notion
    Was tired of being trapped in my own sea of emotions
    There was nothing you could do that should have been done
    You talked like you were serious but it was all fun
    We were both guilty laughing as if nothing could happen
    We said we got rid of it and knew we hadn’t

    Running around in circles is no way to live
    I had so much love, hope, and trust to give
    I swore that I would never ever give you a choice
    And I really don’t want to hear the same stupid noise

    I’ve made you seem like the fool, but I’m the one who’s sorry
    No one understands but us and there’s no need to worry
    I don’t believe that we were ever “meant to be”
    Nothing ever is and we’ll just play it off like it’s funny
    We’ll be okay like this because that’s just the way we are
    You’re still the best I’ve ever known. You’ll always be my star.

    This is actually gonna be my last day here. I understand that my goal isn't the same as "our" goal as a people and I guess I had things confused -- not to say that I dislike you all, because I have met some wonderful people here and I believe that we are beautiful. And that's not saying that everyone else here is wrong, because that's the thing: I'm not positive about anything myself. I choose not to worry about it. That being the case, I don't see us as anything special simply because of our history or anything like that. I see us as a beautiful race among many and believe that you are only as good as the way you yourself act. I believe that what happened in the past should stay in the past, concerning slavery, regardless of the fact that without our ancestors, we wouldn't be here. We just are. I think that all of this conflict, unless stupidly and selfishly brought on by someone else, is unecesary.

    I am in love with a white man and that was never supported, and now I see why. With that, I plan to leave after today. Um I would've put this in a poem except I didn't know how to phrase it. Plus, I think it would have come out really depressing. XD

    Nice meeting you all =)

    And thanks, I had a fun time with the poetry.
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    all love sister I wish you well and sorry to see your creativity leave in a poetic flash

    stay sweet Tay tay !!!