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May 9, 2007
i live in TushKauLoosa Ali Baba or Tuscaloosa, Ala
i'm scared

had to bring this one back after reading it again


I feel something looming in the night sky
people looking at me with a shiest eye
I might sigh and say, "My... what a beautiful day."
but, inside i'm like, "Hurry up and buy, sale, bye!"

Quick transactions due to a lack of social prowess
Call me a shy but, i'm scared to get to know you
I might have to owe you or blow you to smitherines
i'm scared of myself mostly...

A ghostly being makes me rage against the machine
knowing i'll be crushed like a jelly bean
this seldom seen thing called Eloheem
makes me sing Billy Jean
as if the kid is not my prince and i am not a king
my queen screams green as i try to remain clean
not knowing she means c.r.e.a.m. 'cause cash.rules.everything.
around me is a dream with demons and dope fiends
ballers and bling, bling and my choices in between

the more i think the more i thank a higher rank than nation's lead
separate church and state God's Prayer and nation's creed...

give me an "A" give me an "L" give me an "L"
All's well that ends well i pray i don't fail
i won't see you in hell, i'll watch from heaven
from Bethlehem Baptist or Mosque no. 7

i'm afraid these days because every front page
begins with GAYS, MURDER or A.I.D.S.

headed to work while my wife's upset
the debt's make threats to collect and repossess
feeling forsaken as I awake in a puddle of sweat
tilling until my death until i'm out of breath

i'm so scared of that scenario
that i run through the barrio
spreading ghetto gospel with a cup in hand

only to end up on a corner
with a mental disorder on the border
where the poor-righteous stand

I might just be trippin' but, something feels missing
is it money? funny, some say i need an *** whippin'
i'm scared of confrontation so, i got myself a gun
only to end up in court where many black men are hung

i feel like that cowardly lion who forgot that he's from judah
sometimes i feel like slappin' somebody just like Luda...

Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Alpha, Omega, Last...
but, not least who is Jesus? i'm too scared to ask
if i remove the mask and take up the task
to alert the mass about a hidden past...
will i recycle a bunch of trash
out of poppa's brand new bag?

i'm scared of wasting time
on a state of mind full of hate crimes
only to find myself blind to the facts I try to find

a million marched and another million ended up dyin'
i'm scared to get to Mt. Zion and not be accepted
rejected because my past reflected
makes me look disease-infested

well, if Lazarus was ressurected and Magic was accepted
why was Jesus disrespected and Afriqa neglected?
Ye though I walk through the Valley of Death...
I was so scared I almost wet myself

Don't get me wrong, I fear no man
from Hogan to Conan dadada mean, bro' ham?

i'm only scared of something massive yet keen
passive but, mean huge and lean
big, bold, black, red and green
i don't ask who, what, when,where, why, how?
i'm glad to have this fear that allows me to bow
-Sha'iyn Abdul Quduws


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