Black Poetry : I'm not a i'm not

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    See i'm not in a race,
    nor running to win,
    i chose wisdom when i wave pass you,
    where you going hatred in the wind?

    See i'm not in a race,
    eye am i from a street called full circle,
    bridging dead to the living,
    the bridge stands for equality,
    meaning everything is equal,
    so no way can i be a racist,
    for your political sake one dimensional rake,
    watching for the fall of leaves...
    isn't it colorful or colorless as we perceive,
    who taught you right versus wrong,
    but what is verses related to good,
    when your bad carries so far along,
    i got soul level ambition deeper and higher,
    than my last times,
    i learned how to grow,
    by watching thorns stick out from within,
    endless relentless vines none egotistical display,
    i'm not a racist for your pleasure or dismay,
    no i'm not cause it was written deciphered,
    in my own intelligence get your mind back forth coming,
    sow your seed reap benefits of a deep sleeper relevance's reverence,
    the world's static is hectic,
    language of known or unknown still you are irrelevant,
    just ask rosy rose when you smell them.

    "Diary of a Black Man"