Black Poetry : I'm Me(To Rich)

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    Can't u see,
    That i'm me,
    Myself and only,
    Nobody else,
    Not willing to compete,
    Or no competition,
    No repetition,
    I don't play no games,
    I don't feel no guilt,
    I don't feel no shame,
    Whatever u say,
    I'm just me,
    I'm da natural one,
    Da type of female,
    That likes to have fun,
    All the time,
    All night,
    Thats right,
    I'm all tight,
    And waiting 4 u,
    R u there,
    Truly 4 me,
    I think i found u,
    Who can it so be,
    Whoever i love,
    It's u,
    U my boo,
    U get the opportunity,
    I'll say i love u,
    Cause i'm me,
    I like saying words,
    That make me,
    Feel good, but special,
    Any way possible,
    I got luv for all the fellas,
    I won't put ya'll down,
    Thats a blessing from heaven,
    4 sho,
    I'm me,
    And that's reality.