Black Spirituality Religion : I'm Knew Here Just Like To Share What Does The Word Yahweh Mean

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    The Hebrew Israelite today try to mislead you into thinking that the nameof God of The Bible is YHWH < Aramic , Only which is the Tetragammaton that is for symbolic or initial letters Y - H - W - H that stand for , as they would pronounce it Yehveh or Yahweh , originally pronounced Yahuwa As a name . When you see these four letters Y- H - W - H , You are being deceived into thinking that the four letters are the name but all you are seeing is YAHUWA without the vowels , and even in that form , It is still not a name because The original Torah have any Vowels .
    So the symbolic letters were there , Not a name . It has gone even further on when Latin got in the game , And it became Jehovah and you can see that's No more than a corrupted version , The replacement of the letter Yod ( ' ) which is A '' Y '' With the Latin '' J '' And the replacement of the letter Waw With the Geman letter '' V '' And then modern english vowels Changed the '' A '' to an '' E '' and A '' U '' to an '' O '' thus you get the corrupted version '' Jehovah '' There was no '' J '' Sound in the english language before 1565 A.D. So how was '' Jehovah '' pronounced ? That means that the word '' Jehovah '' Is no older than the 15th or 17th century . Hebrew originally records only the Consonant Sounds , the Vowels being supplied by the reader . At some time between the 6th and 11th Century A.D. The tradittional Vowels were supplied by Jewish Scholars Known as the Massoretes
    When they added the Vowels , Dots , and Grammar , They said it was to simplify the language , However they are Misinforming you . When you add the Vowels to the word , It becomes Yehweh not Y - H - W - H - Symbolic letters . The rightful names of the Creator are found in The Scripture , Once in Psalm 85 ; 6 '' I Have Said Ye Are Gods And All Of You Are Children Of The Most High '' . Nowif you look at the two words in this quote for divinity , You'll find the first '' Gods '' And in The Aramic / Hebrew will find for it Eloheem < Aramic , Which is rightly being used here as A Plural . Then when you go to the part that says The Most High . There you are using the name of The Creator which is El Alyuwn < Aramic .. Then you will also find it in Genesis 14 ; 18 , '' The Most High God '' Which In Hebrew Is Elyown Elyown El '' Then Again In Genesis 14 ; 19 20 , 22 , Number 24 ; 16 And many other place , You just have to take the time and look for it . And it was Introduced in The Bible by a being called Melchizedek Which if Analyzed as a name is broken down to Malachi Zodoq < Aramic . Known in Ancient Cuneiform Tablets as Murdok As an Angelic Being who's known as Michael , Because the name Malakiy means '' My angel '' and the name Zodok means '' Who Is Just '' This is found in his book , The Book Of Malachi 4 ; 2 .... It was this Angelic Being in Human form who Introduced the truename of their Creator into The Bible in Genesis 14 ; 18 - 22 When Melchizedek taught Abraham about Elyown Elyown El . Prior to that introduction they were using symbolic letters Y - H - W - H - or names of Angelic Beings - Eloheem