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    By Andre Austin

    I finally figured out the key to Eldridge cleaver literary greatness in his book Soul On Ice. When blind man looses sight in his two eyeballs his hearing is enhanced. When Cleaver lost his two balls after raping a white girl his willingness to assert his manhood was super sized to a literary peak while incarcerated at Folsom prison. His manhood was taken and his writing skills won it back for himself. When he got out of prison he was promoted to minister of information in the Black Panther Party. He died in 1998.

    Cleaver writes in the last essay in his book to all black women: “Across the naked abyss of negated masculinity, of four hundred years, minus my Balls, we face each other today, my queen” (p.189). They say the police shot his balls off. He raped black girls but “crossed the tracks and sought white prey” (p.26). In Cleaver’s poetry to a white girl we find a sick puppy here:

    To A White Girl

    I love you (He Loved raping Her)
    Because you’re white
    Not because you’re charming
    Or Bright
    Your Whiteness
    Is a silky thread
    Snaking through my thoughts
    In redhot patterns
    of lust and desire

    I hate you (He hated getting caught for his crime)
    because you’re white
    your white meat
    is nightmare food
    white is the skin of evil
    you’re my Moby Dick
    White witch,
    Symbol of the rope and hanging tree,
    Of the burning cross
    Loving you thus
    And hating you so,
    My heart is torn in two.
    Crucified (p.25)

    Here lies a perfect narcissist kind of fellow. He felt she crucified him, a false victim of her being Moby Dick to you? He never ever considered what he was to her. To the white girl he was the type of a King Kong. The type describe in The Isis Papers by Frances Cress Welsing who wrote: “King Kong , the film in which a gigantic black ape plays opposite a white female, addresses in symbolic form the threat of the Black male to white genetic survival. Of course, king Kong is killed by the end of the film” (p. XV). Cleaver’s assassination was his Balls being blown off. The Moby dick was the white police officers gun-Bang bang.

    I recall back in the day, (mid 1990’s), working as a security guard and I was rapping this song to a white girl.

    ******* on the Ding Dong
    Its bigger than King Kong
    Its six inches wide and 7 inches Long

    -RBL Posse “******* on the Ding Dong”

    Next thing I know I was transferred to another work site. You don’t have to do anything, you play around in song and verse and the Whiteman will try to crucify you. People can spread rumors on you without any evidence and here come Moby Dick to blast you away baby. Now Cleaver did this to himself he was guilty. I think of all the innocent men accused of rape who were lynched based on white lies. I was once stood accused and I dare anyone to bring on their lies in a court of Law. Cornel West was once accused of rape while a student at Harvard. The white police wanted them but the young white student came and told the truth. The truth set him free. West in his book Brother West was annoyed by Cleaver giving a speech in the 60’s trying to convince black women not to give sex out unless the Blackman was fighting in the revolution.

    If the world was coming to an end and we had 24 hours to live. I would want to be King Kong to a white girl and Pharaoh to my African Queen in complete true blue love. No lust, just real love. Then the whiteman wouldn’t be able to assassinate me and my image no more because we would all be gone. And as long as I can play King Kong my white brother can play Tarzan to my Nubian princess; that’s if you can go deeper than Atlantis.

    Bang, Bang, Bang, I’m King Kong Baby.