Black Poetry : I'm Hurt.. but I still love you


Jul 2, 2003
Last night
We had our first fight
Today I am still wondering how to recover

I thought
I am not going to speak to her or see her again until spring.
But I know that is too long
I have no power against your song,
The words you say when we meet

Last night
I said
I miss you so much!

You said I miss you too!

You said you were so glad I stopped by
To spend a few hours with you

Then I said " Call me because I am ready to do what ever
This relationship seems to be up to you."

That wasn't nice

Did I push?
Do I want more than you can give?

Then we danced
Talked about possibilities
I asked about romance

Now I am going to tell you
Just what hurt me late last night?

What you asked was a fair question

But it took me by surprise
It made me think you see suspicious
It made me say I'll back off

When I offered to help you financially
You said you couldn't be bought

That hurt!

Then you questioned and asked me.
Why I want and do
So much for you?

Fair question, first I need one answer from you
What is your fear?

The worst that could happen is you
Give me you,
And I continue to cherish you
You are a woman, I am a man
If we join, connect copulate
It's part of the plan

For now I told you I won't push nor demand

I know you have been in bad relationships
Your in one now you have said
I don't push
I don't insist
I have been patient
Let me clear my head

You need things
I know I have offered

I may have said you can take the whole thing

You mean that much to me love
Mine comes back two fold and never stops.

I am going to write you today
Hotmail, yahoo... which did you say
Honestly I don’t want to write you

I want to make love to you
I want you here with me today

You no longer have your cell
I keep offering to buy you service and pay the bill

I want to talk with you
Hear your voice
If we can’t meet like were doing here tonight
It's been three maybe four weekds since we were together
Its like your showing up because rent is due
I'm not stupid
Love blinded yet!
I should be asking why are you stalling or stringing me along

Because I would rather be holding you

If I call your house he may answer
He isn’t even paying rent and the bills
You are
That for you is an unnecessary hell!

You questioning me and my intentions
I'm Hurt because he isn’t paying your rent

I give you hundreds when we meet
I would do anything to provide and you’re not mine
I love the time you do have to sneak away and spend

Because when you’re with me I see your heart
I am above board
I have no hidden agenda
I want to help you

I pay for our hours together
Drinks and cost to get in the clubs

I offer to take you shopping
I have bought you perfumes and clothes

I filled your tank so you have plenty of gas
I don’t want to hear you were standed on the road

I pay for the dinner
I have movie passes

Red lobster my sweet
I’ll go there.. where ever

It isn’t Mickey “D “ for you
It’s say what ever
It’s yours my lover

What it is your wondering what is in this for me!

The prize is your time, your heart and you!

It’s been a few years and I am still waiting.
yes things can take a bad turn

ups and downs are the norm

but your commitment is what carries you

if there's no room for compromise which is a sub level of commitment

and why bring it too a level of where it becomes a total cut off

i don't understand but people have to do what they do

hey man i feel you here poet

thanks for sharing

good luck
Thank you Watz

Thank you Watz
You are so right.

" When people are still in that getting to know you phase, someone could say something hurtful, without really meaning to. "

The getting to know each other phase is so critical. It is a time when the truth should be stated. Questions asked shouldn't make or cause a fight.

In this flow I write about how I was taken by surprize, for she never came at me this way before. She wasn't upset either after I pointed out all of the shortcomings I felt she allowed me to garner while we explored each other.

The things I gave are minor compared to what she gives me.. she radiates... energy and love. I like a sponge absorb it and unfortunately I dry out and want more.

I haven't made love to her.. I am going to keep my insurance paid. if I ever do... I know I am going to just die becuase I will be in heaven.

I spoke to her and she clarified. She said.. " you can't bribe me " now we were talking about some serious things and some crazy thoughts started flying. the music was so loud... the whole night was wierd and she agreed.

Our growth was stronger than words. No limits on conversation. Truth has to reign.

She apologized. She weakened me again.. smiled at me... again. whispered my name. I am a sucker for her love...
You are wise

Thanks for your insight.

" ups and downs are the norm

but your commitment is what carries you

if there's no room for compromise which is a sub level of commitment

and why bring it too a level of where it becomes a total cut off

i don't understand but people have to do what they do "

With this lady. I would go thru the ups and downs... Loves roller coaster. I bought this ticket and she has the lever to control how fast this ride goes. She has the authority to say this ride is over.:weights:

Compromise as you say is a subpart of a commitment.

In a relationship of any kind. The opportunity is always present. One must compromise. In a rivalry one must compromise. On the job, in a regular friendship, or a love interest compromise or the ability to compromise is important.

Your very wise point “why bring it too a level of where it becomes a total cut off “

Is well taken.



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