Black Travel : "I'm Black and I Travel!" is...


Oct 7, 2009
1) A statement of fact.

2) A state of mind.

3) The name of a blog dedicated to travel and encouraging people of color to see more of their world, and bringing together black organizations dedicated to travel.


Peruse at your leisure. Offer your comments, suggestions, encouragement, criticisms, ideas for topics.

Cost: Not a dime.

Potential benefits: PRICELESS.

Being a newbie, I can't post links here yet, but no worries. Just Google the title -- "I'm Black and I Travel!" -- to find the blog. Visitors always welcome.

See you "out there!"

This is a great idea!

I once met a young black woman in Natchez, MS, who proudly proclaimed that she’d never once left town and never would. This, to a man whose most prized possession is an expired passport with visa stamps from 15 countries. That fact has prompted some people of color to wonder if I’m actually white.

To them, I owe the title of this blog.

Some of “us” seem to feel that if you’re black, you’re supposed to stay within your own little cultural box, curiosity fettered, mind shackled, eyes wide shut.

I refuse.

Travel opens your eyes, broadens your mind. It inspires and it humbles. You return knowing your world, and yourself, a little better. So we’ll be talking here about travel — tips, ideas, memories of the road. Maybe you’ll be inspired to “get out there.”

I hope so, because it’s your world — and as my friend Shay Olivarria says, “the world is bigger than your block.”

I used to travel alot. Mostly Asia and south America. It's always a great idea to travel out-side the world we know. I think it is very important to see and feel, smell other realities we've not experienced before. it expands our minds and it enriches our spirits. Travel is even better then school. I have many tales. I will write some of them up on here . Thanks for the idea.

Thanks for the kind words. I agree wholeheartedly about the value of travel! Please consider sharing some of your experiences, both here and on the blog as a guest columnist.

Meanwhile, I'm pulling together all the black travel groups, organizations and businesses I can find and giving them a central location on the blog for readers to check out if they wish. You'll find them on the Black Travel Sites page on the blog. If you know of groups that should be listed there that aren't on the list, please let me know.



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