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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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Entering from the garden of serenity
I see the realm is still intact as the trees
That planted seeds of love, insight, joy,
Pain, trust, peace, happiness, desires are
Still planting seed for future growth;

I look around to find the gardener sitting
In the midst as she tends to the caretaking
Of the realm in which they rest, watering
Their branches giving them room to grow
Beyond the forest in which they rest;

And I smile for I find new growth in the
Midst of the garden, names new to me and
Yet they have been embraced by the land
Being held as a part of the family holding
Close to seed they wish planted in fertile soil;

I missed the place with it tall strong oaks
Seasoned by the years of wisdom towering
Over the seedlings strong in their youth all
Seeking to grow from the strength of each
Other in the changing of the seasons;

I shall return today to the garden of serenity
In which I rest so that I may see the work
Of many as I continue to allow my pen to
Speak to me the words to bring to all…
An eternal blanket of peace….


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