Black Poetry : I'm A Work In Process

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    through humiliation in every vested situation

    I'm learning to think things through

    in life i have been battered, broken & torn

    some have suggested to kiss the very day I was born


    I need to return to my first love

    sent from the given hand from God above

    its not enough to say the words

    I must take it to heart

    every day is a new way a purpose to me being alive

    I'm aiming to thrive as long as I'm here

    each new test there lies an opened door waiting to be explored

    God will never leave you alone as long as you have a song in your heart

    this will light the inner spark to where I need to go

    eyes, hands & feet

    one may equate logic for fear yet I shed a single tear

    for everyone to draw a bit near

    all those things my pastor says I'm willing to hear

    life is full of ups and downs of barbed wire fences and circus clowns

    I'm a work in progress in my twentieth century world of glee making sweet history

    we all go through things another door bell rings

    yet in the end its just between me & my friend Jesus