Black Poetry : I'm a wet one here to get stuff done boys wanna huff and puff be alert


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May 11, 2006
I'm a wet one here to get stuff done boys wanna huff and puff be alert
Soft brown and unique ground soft under my feet wearing a miniskirt
fun and hype got bling and deft unlike anything else not for any jerk
defeat with rhyme because of the unique design so my mini-skirt twerk
that's thunder and heat right here in VIRGINIA BEACH proud stumbling
after a loud rumbling of bedsprings make my head ring now grumbling
with a headache got round hip and my brown lips are red cake, plenty flirt
exist after sex and a kiss some boy next will twist my mind it hurt
to twerk without attention too alert to mention the whack love talk
that start in a store their heart pour love, when is strut and walk
now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH in bulk
a brown Soul Sista go through a lot it's doo-wop like LAUREN HILL
L-BOOGIE miseducated twisted and devastated it's a FUJI thrill
I'm a boss queen and like soft margarine boys wanna taste me
gonna grab my waist and see sex in my eyes next they be
in my pies and there is a must for crust it's hard to stay free
in the room boys concern and push my thing turn into mush
thing shook and sticky body cook quickly while wearing KUSH
perfume, flow clever and know better than kissing a boy at a dinner
he become a phat winner of some sex which is a dumb next move thinner
brown underwear down there even quicker, oh a brown Soul Sista go through
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH boys be wordy with the plan but can't dirty true
hands by lifting my dress while he's sniffing my best perfume oh yes I'll be
doomed to bed work while my lips red and perk like coffee really a dang tree
is stuck up like me, in an affair with plans need an extra pair on hands doe
boys demands grow as their plans glow like lip gloss can't strip off skirt a no
go, oh my panties are hot here at Burger King want fries and thighs sweaty got
pies already and this boy tries steady to get some I'm still wet from last night hot
CD tune is great as the sound accumulate he has a crush and believe now brush
his sleeve to rid the fluff this is kid stuff Ive did enough love affair flushed
down the drain boys in town aim and target me on their carpet I just hush
and blush and strut around butt brown so I'm uptown with this my lush
lips await a kiss, but may have to escape this, now a boy walks up Crush
Groove like RUN DMC HE SAID: my profession is ill with possession
of skills I'm silly with the ability to rhyme online without dang depression
have luck with grammar that's struck by a hammer like nails in wood I prevail
in the hood holding thumb tacks that sound plum whack but not to a female
desired a boo and now required to do some planning and come demanding
stuff look boo you got lovey dovey lips and like buggy whips outstanding
to ride in your carriage have pride after a marriage, a predator in religion
is like an editor's decision gonna write tonight and type awight? My mission
is to reach folks with VIRGINIA BEACH quotes now boo you can strip and
plan a trip into the bedroom, must climb a tremendous ladder and then stand
tall on a contentious matter, this is terrific school and like scientific tool this
discover stuff, like ALBERT EINSTEIN these rhymes are atomic with a kiss
ironic will blow up a girl's do-nut so boo you KRISPY CREME and I'm having
twisty dreams, we at the coffee shop so softly drop your panties grabbing
your waist line I can taste the wine it's a race against time want your lace to be
mine, you be true with plenty to adore I may not see you anymore see
many pour a glass of wine this task could find many in clubs as the DJ
scratch beats and dispatch heat through turntables so lets go home right away
have a boss night and turn off the lights like TEDDY PENDERGRAS so hey”
SHE SAID “NAW PLAYER my panties are wet I get hot slip on a wet rock let not
my heart be troubled but part of the rubble is love trash need a plot
in the club fast, damp from a shower you wanna revamp and tower
using dove soap in the club you hope to get some so buy a flower
and try again my pie crust thin trust me men can not over power
love, in an affair by choice the air is moist perm hair and a voice
getting bashed by words trash I've never heard before like a Rolls Royce
this is not a CARWASH it's a brain wash it plain squash my thinking
habit, have a sketch and plan plus a stretch of land have characteristics
that'll grow crops after fertilize and hurdle wise with seeds be ballistic
now I flirt around but now my skirt is down one boy got it twisted
and now looking for the bed, I'll stay around but not gonna lay-down
here at BURGER KING for fries and a coke and my pies smoke town
awoke to that for real m skirt is down but I flirt around and a twerk comes
a dollar a pound this boy rap romance and probably wanna a lap dance some
scream and beg for the cream between my legs but I ignore and walk on
just saw a coach and a boy came with a raw approach very physical and lyrical
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