Black Poetry : I'm a RED BONE led along with my beauty home grown and shown on the cell phone as having conversation gone out of my mind listening to that I love yo


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May 11, 2006
SHE SAID "I'm a RED BONE led along
with my beauty home grown
and shown on the cell phone
as having conversation gone
out of my mind listening to that
I love you stuff while kissing at
the club its rough twisting phat
booty, Toyota in the garage
was at a motor lodge
last night now must dodge
you, two A'S in afraid so a parade
of alphabets to be revealed paid
the price stayed nice after a serenade
but an empty symphony is played”
“but boo convinced that rhythm
could lead to a defense system
step swift and accept gifts of wisdom
this is Black Hip Hop in Virginia Beach
I dodge affairs that are lame
and like a large airplane
I try fly way my pie won't stay
there pray and aware that my mini-skirt
could fly up but I try duck be plenty alert
“OK BOO strange romances has changed
the circumstances they rearranged
my chances on getting a girlfriend
you from the hood and fine that end
my dream, look boo you above the rim
with pie and this simplify your style now
smile you on trial for too much love somehow
so would you be mine?”
NAW PLAYER let me think about this
I know my thing pink and brisk
have to twist strands together
just to understand the clever
words, smashing my ear drum
really don't wanna hear none
its run and gun and lots of fun
this is plain wild and I'm the brainchild
one time the day was a true bore
so I go to the store
dressed in a mini-skirt
with a plenty flirt
bra and panties in lace
a nice morning
got advice with a warning
had just sent a text
talked to boy he went for the sex
after money spent I knew his next
move was the bed room
he held a rose a red bloom
not a true brute in a new suit
his conversation sparked a blistery pass
stuff I've read in an art history class
my dress is down that's a known fact
wearing a gown at home a grown act
so hello mister
I'm a yellow Soul Sista
and my panties are wet”
he jest kissed her lips no regrets
“Girl your beast be a recipe for
cake so go ahead and jump in the car
I write swift and like the night shift
mess up sleep, breasts sweet sniff
your perfume girl, your breasts be
a recipe for my taste buds see
and grab your waist in the club

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