Black Poetry : I'm a brown Soul Sista looking for a bold mister in VIRGINIA BEACH My mini-skirt is a part of my wor


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May 11, 2006
I'm a brown Soul Sista
looking for a bold mister
My mini-skirt is a part
of my work of art
brevity is the soul of wit
I jump in a Chevy and roll with it
face clashes in my imagination
and still have flashes of inspiration
you win with cake and chocolate hershey
but an affair can create controversy
now this is BLACK HIP HOP
located with facts at the tiptop
in VIRGINIA BEACH flip flops
worn, my mini-dress fit tight
got plenty breasts legit awight
No doubt got pride galore
and outside the door
many boys just wait to rap
then wanna toy with my cake and crap
when they're hustling boys
I hear a rustling noise
I'm a honey forever
boys get money together
try take me out
want cake no doubt
strut butt make them shout
on their carpet I scream
call that a clever market scheme
one boy tried to get some on the floor
oh my panties was hot be dumb to ignore
can't duck this mess
he's ready to suck my breasts
was driving and came to my address
and now my hormones soar
because I'm home on the floor
my red lips he adore
yes have cake at home
but its a great wrong
to let you bang
before I get to hang
my panties up to dry
oh this jest candies and pie
and I must escape
or he'll have pie crust and cake
try pull down my dress and couldn't
so at best he wanted pudding
oh I was so hot down there
juice around everywhere
oh he jest kiss my lips on the rug
got my tongue flipped I'm in love
while he suck my tongue I was moving
my thing around this was improving
my hormones right here at home
he was having a fit and wanna bone
like NELLY its hot in here
got my cellly and its not clear
as to why
you talk jazz and want pie


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May 11, 2006
you talk jazz and want pie
oh a brown Soul Sista go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH panties are hot
so I be grooving in the dark
and body is moving parts
boys want they words spark
feet flat on the floor
got stats he adore
knees up thighs wide open
he's loving this no joking
in my ears flow hoping
to get some but a broken
heart may exist as a token
oh he look street wise
gonna be a complete surprise
when HIS CHICK realize
he's trying to get between my thighs
this maybe on JERRY SPRINGER
put a ring on my very finger
oh I need to talk to BEYONCE'
before he make me his fiancé


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May 11, 2006
oh I need to talk to BEYONCE
before I make him my fiancé
you a hardcore winner
wanna do before dinner
even after clever rapping
this may never happen
and this endeavor is trapping
my panties, and up to now
this has been corrupt somehow
so really in days gone by
he wanna stay at home play with pie
get in a drop top and trot through the city
with a plot hot true and witty
make a band and do like P DIDDY
to boys I'm just eye candy
they know I keep pie handy
flip in the brain they drink and try brandy
this is A black thing like AMOS AND ANDY
oh a brown Soul Sista go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH fake mean false
and for real my cake is boss
oh gosh he really tongued me
and was really sprung oh gee
oh he rapped soft slang galore
I was ready to sprang up off the floor
then he got my tongue again
oh these VIRGINIA BEACH sprung men
then he gave me a VIRGINIA BEACH kiss
class no doubt
I passed out
I think my panties come off
the lips on my thing plumb soft
this romance is blistery
a chance for victory
it may advance to trickery
I'm the main attraction
but now a chain reaction
and along with this came satisfaction
have a brisk bagel
now he kiss navel
then my thighs
now put his tongue in my pies
oh I scream fast
as the cream splash
her thing flowing gravy
and he was going crazy
yelling oh baby baby
try convince folks
and make sense with quotes
mind stable and afraid
as I'm unable to persuade

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