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Mar 23, 2006
The other day my teacher says "If you have an issue standing in front of the class bcus you are to shy come to me and we will get you help" I am kinda shy but, have overcome the fear of talking in front of people. He also said "It's ridiculous to be shy at this age." By now I'm feeling a little embarrassed cause everyone's laughing. Is it that terrible to be so shy? Is is possible to overcome being so shy? I don't know if I'm to shy, most of the time I just don't have nothing to interesting to say. hum..but there are also times when I hold my tounge when something really needs to said.
It might help understanding why you are shy. It is very common for ppl to ''shy up'' when speaking or performing in front of a group of people. The discomfort your experiencing is all in your head. That same feeling is going thru most ppl you see in that predicament, but it's not like you can see or feel what they're feeling. It will be the same for you. The hardest part is initiating the task itself.

Nothing wrong with holding ones tongue, because even when it seems like something needs to be said, it's really better unsaid until another time coming. If you learn this with youth, you'll be perfected in it at older age.

I've been shy before, and am still somewhat shy right now, but I don't think it's terrible unless it's keeping you from doing something you really need to do.

It is possible to overcome being shy; once you realize everything around it doesn't weigh on you that much, you'll see being in front of people is not that big of a deal.


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