Black People : I'm 18 now What???

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    I’m 18 now What???

    This is for those who are just getting started in life. At age 18 according to the law you are legally an adult. “You are an adult longer than you are a child”
    At this stage you have to ask yourself some real key questions.

    1.What am I going to do with my life?
    2.What talents do I have and will they be useful in m goals?
    3.What kind of job do I desire?
    4.Do I feel that I am mature enough to handle responsibility?
    5.Do my friends really care about me?
    6.Are my goals realistic?
    7.Can I really make it own my own?
    8.Am I wiling to take any kind of job until I get on my feet?
    9.Do I believe in my self and my abilities?
    10.Am I willing to go to school or get a trade to get what I desire?

    Now since you have a framework to start with, can you be honest with yourself? And are you willing to work to get what you want? or do you think that you will be young forever?
    All adults have started out where you are right now. And at this stage in life we all have a chance to make the decisions on how we live this life. As a young Black person I am sure that you have heard about racism and the state of Black America etc… despite all of this you at this point in your life have an opportunity to get the things that you desire but they have to be realistic goals. Now you are old enough to know that there are those who would say that your dreams and aspirations would not work whatever it is. But you have to ask yourself some more questions, what ever you are trying to get into have those who have given you advice tried or been involved in the area that you would like to get into?
    If not then really how can they give you the guidance that you seek. Many people mean well but if you really believe in yourself and your goals then go for it.
    Unfortunately there are many people who are just miserable and did not listen or were too busy partying at this stage in their lives to reach their goals.( not saying that it is too late for those who are not between the ages of 18-25) Many do not have valid points, and have your interest in mind. take heed the advice of a responsible adult. At this stage in your life there are decisions that you make now that will make life easier our harder on you. “Pay Now Play Latter Or Play now and Pay latter)”To be honest the ages of 18 to 25 is very important, because most people will allow errors at this age. This is why you should really look at the direction that you choose. Here are a few options:

    1.You can hustle the streets and try to make it.
    2.You can get a job and move up through the ranks.
    3.You can go to a trade school and get skills that you need.
    4.You can get an associates degree and start your career from there
    5.You can go to a 4 year institution and start from there.
    6.Or you can keep hanging out not accomplishing any thing, and keep getting older every year. TIME WAITS ON NO ONE.

    Now you are on the internet to find answers and many adults maybe in your eyes are too old to know what is going on or to stupid. But as stated before we are adults longer than we are children. Your parents and other adults have been down the same road that you have, and if you are reading this right now it is because some adult along the way help you to learn to read and understand and comprehend; so don’t be to hard on us.
    In all honestly you do have a chance to make a difference in your life. Don’t allow others to discourage you from reaching your goals, but also don’t be unrealistic in your abilities education and experience to reach them. Most adults really care about you and your welfare and success, as with anything sometimes it is hard to say the right things in the right way. Hope that this may be useful to you. On your quest to greatness. If you are an adult and find this useful please share it with a young adult.

    No matter your financial status, religious status, political status, skin tone, or what region of the country you were born. The one thing we have in common is Our Story.
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    In doing so you will LIVE more ABUNDANTLY.

    This is one reason why I consider BIRTHDAYS DESTRUCTIVE on PEOPLE.

    I'm 16 I have to DRIVE.

    I'm 18 I have to be ON MY OWN

    I'm 21 I can DRINK LEGALLY

    I'm 30 years old NEED TO MARRY NOW or have a MIDLIFE CRISIS.

    It's really DUMB (less spiritual)

    I feel SORRY for ANYONE following such.