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    The rotten Apple
    As soon as u see my name on a scribe
    I pray that u all enjoy flow wit' me
    if these ******** say we only have 5 senses
    tell me then what sense is po-e-try
    Mathematically inclined to bow down
    I move at the pace of the Earth
    1,037 1/3 miles per hour
    since the planet first burst
    or, since Qi
    was the name of the planet first
    I guess the Original man tried to teach man-kind
    not knowing somewhere down the line they would plan ta curse
    the gods & godessess
    they had no idea of what being modest is
    that's why I speak the way I do
    so we can build & help to guard our kids
    cause the enemy is still among us
    their minds still full of fungus
    I forgive every tree
    that they used when they hung us
    so in tune with nature
    that some will actually say they hate ya
    un be knowest to them
    that they disrespect their own maker
    the mother of civilization
    and goddess thru the womb of the universe
    see, I don't believe the creator is only a man
    the all wise must have both natures, b4 u respond let me try 2 prove it first
    when u were U in the womb
    how do u know who was u at first
    meaning male, or female for we were all born with tales
    when u get out the shower, or pool we get ash'e & u can **** near c our scales
    see we were born & could breathe underwater
    but at birth they stole our birathery gland
    I know It's hard trying to preach God to the homeless & shut out
    for they hear u, but all they can picture is an imaginary man
    so nobody who praises a MAN alone is balanced
    I don't care how many material things u have
    When MOTHER earth calls US back home
    I don't care how many material things u grab
    u can't take them with u
    for u wasn't born wit 'em
    after your people kiss u on your cold cheek
    they goin' straight to yo' house & believe me dey gonna get 'em
    so while we're here
    let's try to make da bes' of dis sh_t
    like Pac in da studio
    when he made da bes' of his hits
    or when spike lee made "get on the bus"
    to me, one of the best of his flicks
    I vow to write a poem for everyone of my ancestors who fought their massa's
    and had to shed a tear for everyone of their whips
    & today we call our cars whips
    cause we're still sceeeer'ed of massa'
    but I travel of my own will almost daily by Astral projection
    visiting planets so far away, they have never heard of NASA
    can't be tracked by global satellites
    surrounded by beings that travel much faster than the speed of light
    they tricked us, for there is only day-time
    ain't none of us ever seen a night
    that's why I echoe "seek the truth"
    so we can all "C" alike
    first, we have to A & B alike
    so we'll still all be B free alike
    just somethin' for the heads
    of the non 10 & 85'ers who may be viewin' this forum
    I know some strongly disagree with what I write about, but maybe they'll C me different
    when it's too late & they really enforce "Novous Ordo Seclorum"
    it ain't on the back of the bill for nuttin'
    we need to find out what it really means, like ALL the PILLS we take
    for those warnings in very small print, ain't on the back of the pill box for nuttin'
    I'm just "You're brotha, don't u recognize me"
    ask around, I ain't been never known for frontin'
    I'm dat field ***** waitin' for my chance to strike, i fasted every night I saw massa smile
    Cause I knew it was one of my sistas he was wantin'
    so I meditated in the darkness
    of my cold & damp cabin
    heard the screams of the same sista
    i know she was tryin' to resist, but i knew what was about ta happin'
    da nex' day when da sun was a new
    I'd look straight at her, but it twas like her is'e was blank
    as she'd look back tward' me I could feel her pain, oh lord I'se could feel her pain.... ya know?
    but sinc'in my'se feets & han's was a shackl'd, I'se had ta make my mind a shank
    & cut da massa wit' my 3rd eye
    every chancin' I'se got
    evin's if'n I'se gotsa' kill me'se some house *****'s who pratec'in massa
    da screams of my unprotected sista's got's my'se mind dat hot
    so here I am today, same field *****, same conditions
    but I threw the mental chains off
    our enemy is still using the same tactics from their origianl game
    so I'm here to say that the game ain't lost
    cause I hear desperation
    in some of the voices of some of our people
    and these voices are lethal
    like the great Harry Belefont'e
    & Danny glover lookin' out for their people
    Until U.N.I.T.Y amongst the lost tribe of Shabazz
    is hollered from the temple, mosques, masonic halls & church steeples
    if "in the beginnin' was the word & the word was w/ god"
    it means in the beginnin' we were one, the definition is quite see thru
    I'm not tryin' to be a preacher
    I'm just emitting my thoughts
    Even Luke skywalker dressed in WHITE denied the power of the TRUE God
    Until his TRUE FATHER dressed in BLACK truly emitted the force
    we have to see thru their propaganda
    their really tryin' to talk to us
    like in Europe when all their nations walk hundreds of miles to praise the blak madonna & son
    see, they're showin' they're really willing to walk to us
    so the powers that be in america
    have to show us as unworthy
    so they increased the pay of negative rappers who defame their own women & people
    so they can send this picture around the world to prove us UNWORTHTY
    & these rappers are falling for it hook, line & sinker because of their own greed
    if u missed the point read it twice rappers, just make sure you heard me
    & my chest don't get poked out
    it's just that I flow wit' no doubt
    & u won't catch me talkin' on topics
    that I don't know 'bout
    I just feel what I feel & know what I know
    whether or not when I'm done if the listener or reader respects me
    if men in black come 2 get me, make sure 1 of u shows up 3 days later at my funeral w/ all of destee's concious poems
    wave them under my nose like a black Egyptian w/ the Ankh, stand back & watch your spirits ressurrect me........................................

    By Info-Moetry © 2005

    (it's been a beautiful week & I leave u in peace)
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    Oh poet,
    You leave us not only in peace, but in awe as well. And think not twice about your ressurrestion, for surely I will come with my two eyes shut ...but my "third" one open. This piece kept me in motion to the last and power packed end. So, until our "spirits" meet...I'll see you "eye-to-eye"
    thanks for letting me see you ...eye-to-eye it was worth both my time and sight.
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    You brought it so strong this week, poet, and you end it the same way. Amazing flow, right here, and I don't disagree wit ya, naw. You show here that you really deserved your honor - wonderful piece. Keep flowin and goin hard at it.
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    str8 up outstanding and leave us under a power spell
    like never before awesome what a poet indeed A+
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    No words can quite do this piece justice, as well posed as it was, the meaning behind it, was deeply and dearly felt. What a way to end your week. Peace brotha.
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    The rotten Apple
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    Whew! This brother goes DEEP