Chief Elder Osiris : ****! Ignorance is the only evil, The Only Pain There Is

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    Dear Beloved Son Kevin:

    Here is Son kevin, one to whom I have yet to reveal his True name and that
    will be done soon, because in a name become the extricable identity of the
    Life body, whose orders it take from the exurberant inner esoteric of the
    Soul, mind, Heart and spirit.

    Yes beloved, the name is a intricate part of the Body economy.

    But be that as it may for the moment and let us deal with what is agonizing
    My son, Kevin I speak of.

    May I echo Kevin agony of knowing the damage that engulf a people and in
    this case the Afrikan people and what most important, is to know and
    understand what Son Kevin is saying to us, he is conveying the might of
    ignorance and the pain it does inflict upon a once great people, though he
    speak in generality I know his Soul is attached to the attitude and behavior
    of the Afrikan, how I know that, because I know he Love Afrika and Afrikan
    people as I do and such a Love run into eternal infinity and with such a
    love for the Afrikan, qualifies the Lover to speak Truthful about that being

    ****! it has all of the sound of excitement mixed with disgust and
    disappointment, as a Lover has when it is discovered that the one being
    loved has not been true to one self and has allowed one self to become
    victim of lies and deceit about God, Universe and Being, never to know how
    one is inter-connected to the other, all because of that **** ignorance we
    have fallen victim to, therefore the one being Loved, choose to ignore the
    power of the Love that is directed to the Love one of the Lover.

    Case and point, using the Afrikan as an example, because we have been used
    to being experiment with for millenniums, now here we are contemplating as
    to whether or not we are direct descendants of the greatest lie ever to be
    told and sold to Humanity, with the Afrikan being the most devout pusher of
    them all.

    Yes beloved, we have bought the lie about Jesus without interrogation nor is
    there questions of sound reasoning and logical thinking regarding this fable
    of a character, yet we humbly prostrate our Soul before that profane cross
    which represent lies, pain, suffering and murder of a fable Christ by the
    name of Jesus, ignoring the lineage of the Carbon being call Afrikan, which
    trump the Jesus lie by Miliniliums of Time.

    Such give one to have cause to know that the Carbon Being did not originate
    out from that character, here by way of a lie, but we came out of the bosom
    of that eternal infinite mass call Darkness, from which all that is a part
    of the Universe may make claim to be a part of that Universal make-up, be it
    animate or inanimate and that which is animated and of Human intelligence
    beyond the third dimension, got its beginning way before the coming of the
    planet Earth and our Solar System.

    Therefore the Carbon being, now known as the Afrikan, may trace its lineage
    into the abyss of continue infinity, there where many life forms resided
    before the creation of an imagined Jesus Christ as the Judaic/Romans have so
    created him to be, so now, yes, I understand what my Son Kevin is thinking
    when he call out, ****! ignorance is the only evil and I say, Pain is its

    The white man says he is going to go to work and is not going to stop until
    he find out genetically who we are and where we came from, hell I do not
    need the white man to tell me anything about who I am and from whence I
    came, they do not tell you that we carry 200 genes that is not traceable by
    their standards, therefore they label them as Junk genes, here we go again,
    ****! ignorance is the only evil and pain is its accomplice, designed to put
    the Afrikan in agony and dress us up in confusion, locking hands with
    ignorance, because the Afrikan do not know who we are or from whence we
    came, so we have acquiesce to become what the white man so define us as
    being, as we embrace his lying religion, doing all we can to transform a lie
    into the Truth.

    Beloved, whether you accept it or not, the Da Vinci Code, the author Dan
    Brown, he laid out two senereo to the world, concerning the Jesus saga,
    informing us that there are two account of Christianity, one as presented by
    the Ancient Coptic's,(egyptain ) call Jews of old and the other, created by
    Constantine Rome, one which once was popular in early Time, whereby the
    Jesus character was portrayed as a Human Being as you and I and did marry a
    woman name Mary Magdalene and did have a family and did not portray himself
    as the Son of God, as the Romans Jesus was so portrayed, so now here you are
    beloved, about to be forced to choose as to which lie you will maintain.

    You see my beloved, the book of Revelation description of the Jesus figure,
    is that of an Afro/Arab ( egyptain ) and not the Afrikan Proper, tell me,
    why would we desire to abandon at will, our Afrikan Theology (
    spirituality )for a religion based on lies and deception?

    Why is it not oral stories handed down by the Twa, Nuban and Dogone, of this

    Why is there no Afrikan Story Records written about this Jesus, why does it
    has to be a debate between white folks as to which Jesus they will have
    stand up before the world.

    Beloved, if you start out with a lie you most certainly will end up with the
    same thing, a lie.

    ****! ignorance is the only evil and Pain is its accomplice and the Carbon
    Nation. the Afrikan, end up suffering the consequences of our action and
    that action is loving the false religion of the white man and Coptic
    Afro/Arab, who allow the people we now recognize as Jews to usurp their
    religion call Christian Judaic religion, which is the one we know little
    about until Dan Brown Da Vinci Code appeared as a whirl wind, devouring the
    Christian myth and yes, ****! ignorance is the only evil and pain is its

    It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

    Honor, Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

    Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant, Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
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    Excellent post. We can only overcome this by the renewing of our minds.
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    Passing on judgement...

    God, you are most beloved.
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    so true and on point
    we must free ourselves from the mental intrapment
    or this deep mental slavery to move pass the evil pain
    we get daily